After the work is done, it draws you into the Warm: up to 70 cm of large and up to four kilograms of heavy Magellanic penguins live in the southern part of South America. The Antarctic summer to spend with the animals in their nesting colonies on the Pacific and the Atlantic coast. After the end of the breeding season, the penguins will draw in milder climes to the North. It stranded a lot of animals, mostly because their Plumage is oily or you are sick, injured, or due to lack of food weakened.

it is noticeable, however, that a lot more female than male Magellanic penguins stranded. A Japanese-Argentinean team of researchers has studied the phenomenon on the East coast of South America and reported in the journal “Current Biology” of the results.

The Team of Takashi Yamamoto of the University of Tokyo analysed the motion profiles of 14 of the Magellan-penguins – eight males and six females. The animals completed the breeding season in Patagonia at the end of February. In the following weeks, they withdrew to the North, and returned only in September and October.

the females, greater distances traveled than their male counterparts: they kept themselves during the winter months, mainly North of the 36. the southern latitude, the males tend to be between the 38. and the 41. Degree of latitude. The females moved up to 1200 km, the males up to a maximum of 1000 kilometres.

Pinugine betrayed by excrement NASA satellite image of the week: Beautiful…

In the more Northern waters for the animals, risky, stress the researchers. They refer in particular to the pollution caused by Oil production, the intensive ship traffic, as well as the risk due to fishing. The females migrate further North, the researchers explain that they are significantly smaller and lighter and, therefore, may be warmer and shallower waters prefer.

in fact, these animals appeared mostly as deep as 35 meters, with the males, it was about 59 meters. In addition, it could be that the females would be entrained in the shallower, coastal waters more North-facing Patagonian flow.

differences in the diving behavior

“The report confirms what we have already documented in other locations and seasons of the year,” says the biologist, Klemens Pütz. Differences in diving behavior were also reported during the breeding season were observed. It was useful to be able to have a greater food that is on offer, says the scientific Director of the Antarctic Research Trust.

“in Addition, the scuba diving depends on the assets of penguins of the body size,” says Pütz. Little penguins would be diving under 100 meters deep, the large Emperor penguins, in contrast, more than 500 meters deep.

a stir of the Magellanic penguin Dindim, the oiled-up in 2011 and injured on an island in Rio de Janeiro was wrecked and his Savior after that for years again and again visited made a few years ago.

Dindim, however, was a male.

Walter Willems, dpa/chs

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