A typical case, is borne to me, might look like this: A 45-Year-old, mother of two, would like some advice. A fictional example, but one that brings the problems to the point.

“Good day, I was a project Manager in a medium-sized, family-run company. Today I’m working two floors below, in part-time. I have decided consciously for a part-time solution, because I wanted to see my two girls grow up.

Now the Youngest is 13 years old and I would like to start again fully, when you Apply difficult. I have the impression that I will carry for all time the mom stamp. My husband also works and we get a lot of that lately dispute is pending investments, because, he says, we could do more if we had my old salary (2800 euros net) the time in front of the children.

is an application Worth Trying at all? Or should I try more, my desire for a little independence for the sake of it?”

To the Person Marianne moss Mr Katrin Wilkens , Born in 1971, is Rhetorikerin and journalist. Seven years ago she founded in Hamburg, an Agency, and especially mothers, is now looking for a new Job, want to make a career change.

My response: Whether this is worthwhile, you need to decide for themselves by weighing the risk of a start-up accurately: you Have reserves for planned investments? You can acquisition and sales? You also like the often less dazzling Details of a self-employment such as tax reporting or accounting?

That work, is worth it for you in any case, at least in financial terms. Economists have calculated that in the course of a mothers life with two children, a veritable sum to accumulate money that can lose you (or your family): In the time you are not working in the part-time re-start and then later in retirement they will lose over 500,000 euros.

slush pants and Violin lessons instead of pension insurance

Considering also that children cost a quite a lot of money (which is covered by the children’s money only in part), then we are talking about a sum of pension, assure pretty well could if you were to invest the money.

of Course, part of this cost is collected through tax relief or child benefit. But what woman would invest this sum because, in fact, in your private Pension? Mostly purchased by this money, slush pants and Violin lessons.

Now, most women have good reasons to not want to live the French model (six weeks after the birth, back to full work). You consciously want to see their children grow up. This is exactly why a discussion on the future should take place with the Partner: How can I protect myself financially so that I am in the event of a divorce or illness, penniless?

More on the topic of applications of mothers “Allow the parents time out of the CV out”

Some men override their wives, their pension points, while others include a monthly ongoing additional pension insurance. In turn, other people will buy a small, affordable apartment, their credit cover you with the rental income. If the man is from the land register, then the woman has at least a cost-effective place to Stay, if life’s uncertainties occur. And if you both live together for 65 years, still happy, you can also sell just the apartment together and increase their joint retirement.

you Understand what I’m getting at? It doesn’t matter what you are working with, where and how much you earn, but there comes a time when you have no possibility, save up the money. And for this time, you should make provisions.

you are guilty. And this can also be a meaningful legacy that you leave to your children.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.