In the tariff dispute of the aviation security industry, the trade Union Ver.di announced a six-day strike break. Until the next round of Negotiations on 23. January in Berlin there will be no further Strikes, said.di in Berlin. The Union is confident that it will come to an early agreement with the employers.

“We have decided to go on Strike, the employers have today indicated that they will submit in the next round of Negotiations, a final offer for the employees of the private airline security companies,” said Federal Board member Ute Kittel.


employers, meanwhile, improved offer. “We are ready to reconsider our last offer, and maybe even what to put on it,” said negotiator Rainer friebert houses from the Federal Association of German aviation security company (BDLS), the “Frankfurter Rundschau”. A prerequisite is that the trade-Union move. At the same time, friebert houses criticized the requirement for 20 Euro hourly wage for employees in the private aviation security company as “exorbitant”.

The private security services act for the control of passengers and freight charge. Ver.di and the trade Union DBB had resigned on Tuesday, eight German airports with Strikes partially lame. Alone at the largest German Airport, Frankfurt more than 600 flights were, Germany were affected, according to the airport Association ADV approximately 220,000 passengers.


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