Shown above is the pet diary of Yangjisa, dubbed “Banda.” Under the business alliance with GS Retail, the company plans to sell the products at convenience stores on top of bookstores and stationery stores. Photo courtesy of Yangjisa

Business bellwether joins hands with GS Retail to introduce new-concept products

Yangjisa, the leading diaries maker in South Korea, has teamed up with GS Retail, which operates the country’s top-tier brand in convenience store, to come up with new-concept products.

Yangjisa said on Dec. 1 that the company had launched dedicated diaries, which would help pet lovers manage their fur babies’ event, health, and nutrition.

Yangjisa plans to sell the product, dubbed “Banda,” at GS25 stores of GS Retail across the country.

“Up until now, customers have thought that diaries are available only at bookstores or large-sized stationery stores,” a Yangjisa official said. “But they will be able to snap up them at GS25 convenience stores.”

The outfit expected that the product would attract great attention because the number of pet owners has increased at a super-fast pace over the past few years.

“In Korea, more than 10 million households raise pets. For them, our pet diaries would be essential items,” the official said.

Since its establishment in 1976, Yangjisa has dominated the country’s diary market.

Even after the internet revolution made many clients use web-based programs, Yangjisa fared well based on its premium products.

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