A radiant Prime Minister is sitting on a Meadow, in the Background, trees and bushes grow next to him, his wife and his two young daughters in summer dresses place of the dog. in the photo: Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, the perfect politician should be-a family portrait It was used, among other things, for the official Christmas cards of the 50-Year-old.

For the appointment had “ScoMo” – called such as Morrison’s in the country – a pair of older sneakers attracted. And the miss fell, apparently to his staff. You edited the image via Photoshop and gave the politicians a new, bright white sneakers. They overlooked, however, two decisive Detail: the first is the original published photo already. And secondly, you missed the Morrison two left feet.

In the social networks to make the Before-and-After-photos now, including a lot of Memes. The incident is discussed under the Hashtag #ShoeGate – and in most cases ridiculed. A spokesman for Morrison said, in the meantime, the Prime Minister had arranged the Photoshop action is neither authorized.

The politicians themselves tweeted on Wednesday morning a photo of his older sneakers from the original photo: “message to my Department,” he wrote with a wink smiley. “I didn’t ask for the Shoe Polish. But if your photoshopt, then focus, please, on my hair (that is, the lack of it), not on my feet!”

The edited photo first also big on the Homepage of the Prime Minister, had been used. In the meantime, the Original flaunts.

Morrison is the leader of the Liberal Party in Australia, and since August of 2018, Prime Minister.


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