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In a good two months to leave the UK in the EU. The Problem is that An agreement that regulates the exit, has not sanctioned the Parliament still. The time is tight. Nevertheless, has called the Prime Ministers Theresa May against an extension of the deadline. Something New they are not presented in their much-anticipated speech, however.

Rather, you would like to come again with representatives of the lower house to continue working on a common Position. On the basis of which it wants to negotiate again with Brussels.

“I hope that I can speak with all the leading politicians in this week to get in all the outstanding issues, common solutions,” said May in Parliament. “We will try to reach as many compromises as much consensus as possible.” And more: “I want to find an agreement with the EU.”

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In the renewed talks, it should go mainly to the so-called Backstop to the rules of the Situation on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This point, in London for a lot of criticism. It provides that the UK remains in a customs Union with the EU, if no agreement is made. Mays opponents fear that London would be bound indefinitely to the EU.

The EU has responded quickly and Mays rejected the bill. Since last week nothing had changed, said a spokesman of EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk. “We are always willing to meet with us and talk.” However, the remaining 27 EU would have told States in December that the May for a negotiated exit agreement could not be renegotiated.

May reject a second Referendum

In the Parliament May media voice to report what you want to change the good Friday agreement, in order to solve the Problem. The agreement had terminated prior to 20 years ago, the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland.

head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn demanded in the Parliament again by May, you could be leaving the EU without agreement. However, the Prime Minister rejected once again clear: “We need to talk to the people honestly about what that means,” said May now be in Parliament. “We can guarantee not just that, there is not likely to exit. Unless we are willing to stay in the EU.”

Even against a second Referendum May turned vehemently: “Our task as a government is, the result from the first Referendum. Otherwise, it would send a wrong message about how we deal with people’s votes.”

Corbyn: May want to have the extent of their defeat did not come true

last Tuesday, had brought May an agreement to which they had agreed with the EU, in the lower house for a vote. The 62-Year-old failed with a crash: A clear majority rejected the Deal.

In the connection May overhang a vote of no confidence from the Labour be trusted-party, and met with numerous opposition politicians to find a solution for the control of the Brexits – but not with head of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, who rejected talks.

May criticized Corbyn for this now: “We don’t know what the leader of the opposition thinks, because he has not made the effort to attend,” said the head of government. Corbyn, in turn, May attacked: you would not have the extent of their defeat still true. The invitation to the talks had been a PR-mesh.


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