the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze will, in the future, ask the tobacco industry to pay – and the cost for the removal of smoke residue involved.

“Who is disposable making articles, such as cigarettes, will in the future need to take more responsibility for the waste take on,” said the SPD-politician in the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “The cigarette industry could be involved, for example, the costs for cleaning beaches or Parks.” For this you’ll use within the EU.

The European Parliament had demanded according to the report, first, a contribution of the tobacco industry as an aggravating measure for the planned single-use plastic-policy. Schulze hopes that “this year, a Europe-wide ban on unnecessary disposable plastic products”. That alone is not enough. You should grab “worldwide to more drastic means than in the past,” she said.

About the Directive, the EU will discuss on Tuesday-the Commission, the European Parliament and of the Council of Ministers. Green group Chairman Anton Hofreiter accused Schulze, however, on the subject of plastic a “double game”: “While environment Minister Schulze in Berlin promises to turn the plastic trend, diluted in Brussels, the necessary laws,” said Hofreiter the spark of Newspapers.

It is in urgent need of a clear prevention target for single-use plastic and binding measures to take to manufacturers. The Federal government should let “the cheap words they received,” said Hofreiter.


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