Actually, Jens Spahn is in a comfortable Position. The training to become a psychotherapist has long been considered in need of reform, and the Federal Minister of health is planning exactly such a Reform: The training is supposed to be faster, clearer, and better paid than in the past.

Spahn wants to, which he had given at the beginning of January is known for psychotherapists own course of study. So far, this draft bill provides for a five-year high school course of study of psychotherapy, which consists of three years Bachelor and two years Master.

At the end there should be a state examination – who is the one that gets the Approbation, i.e. the recognition for the health professions. So far, a multi-year, and tens of thousands of euros for expensive training was needed for them. Instead, it would connect to the new plans, paid training, similar to specialist training for doctors.

Sounds good – but instead of applause, a massive Protest opposite propose to the Minister this week. “In principle, the plans are not bad,” says Fabian Hess, who studied in Leipzig psychology in the Master and in the nationwide psychology departmental conference engaged in. “The only Problem is: The current students to fall out of the regulations completely out of it.”

critics fear parallel systems

Actually, the new courses are to start from 2020, five years later, the first certified Master-candidates would then be finished. At the same time a transitional period for today’s students by 2032, it is planned – after that, no way is provided for the previous psychotherapy training.

“The result is that from 2025 years of psychotherapy graduates, on the one hand, and psychology graduates to work on the other hand, in addition to a in a body and the same tasks – the one with content, the feared other,” Fabian Hess.

in fact, today’s psychology must complete graduates at the beginning of their subsequent therapeutic training 1200 hours as a “psychologist in training” (PiA). “The salary for the practical work in the clinics located especially in Berlin, between zero and eight euros per hour,” says Dilara Michel, who has worked as a PiA in the case of a Berlin hospital group.

Although some of the facilities in the state of Brandenburg and Bavaria, who paid a regular psychologist salary give, “the main focus, however, in the case of hospitals, the numbers of under two euros per hour – at least, we can conclude that for Berlin,” says Dilara Michel. Together with other stakeholders has organized for Tuesday a Demonstration in front of the Berlin Ministry of health. In Bonn and Hamburg, the protests are announced.

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“It can’t be that today’s student cohorts are just unlucky because they are just in the middle of the study and, therefore, the reforms will benefit”, said Fabian Hess. In the name of psychology-departmental conference, which represents nationwide, about 70,000 students, he demands: “Current students who want to be therapists, need to be straightforward to in the new System change over.”

The need for improvement, Dilara Michel at the Spahn plans looks, largely coincides with that of the students. Michel insists that there are exchange facilities in the new training routes. But at least the hospitals would not be required to pay in the transition period only the new psychotherapy graduates, but also those who come from a pure psychology degree.

With protests and petitions, want to fight the faculties and PiAs in the coming days and weeks for your concern. Up to the autumn of them, to enforce the Amendments to the bill – “otherwise,” says a Hamburg-based psychology student fatalistic, “can I cancel my course of study is also equal to”.

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