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British citizens have to worry about your residence and employment, airlines and freight forwarders should be able to receive Connections, but only partially erect, in the movement of goods customs duties and charges are payable: The EU-Commission presented on Wednesday a 14 regulations, strong package, with contingency plans. You grab, if the UK leaves the EU at the end of March without an agreement.

It is not a Plan to prevent the biggest mess. The EU Commission has two addressees. For one, you want to signal to the citizens on the continent: whether the British, the EU has to bring the Brexit agreement to sign it or not, the situation is well in hand. The other addressee is the United Kingdom: The British to look down into the abyss. In any case, the Commission wants to give the impression of being a hard Brexit’m bad at the end not so.

to avoid The main points in detail:

a complete collapse of the air traffic , to obtain some Compounds of transition is maintained, the Commission’s proposal – that only applies to direct flights between the UK and the EU. However, British airlines, then, may not fly in another EU country or in a third state. In addition, these emergency measures should apply only for a period of twelve months. However, a prerequisite is that the British Airlines from the EU grant similar rights. Also, the road transport will be for “a limited time” barely upright, so that it comes to giant Truck traffic jams on the channel coast. The EU should put an end to the scheme, however, what you can, at any time, then the goods transport on the road would be limited “to an international quota system” and thus “severely limited”. The Commission urges the member States, border authorities prepare to the fact that, in the future, customs duties to be levied on British products . Turmoil in the financial markets should be repelled by the special rules for financial service providers . Among other things, trading derivatives should be ensured by the EU recognises for the first twelve months in the UK, the prevailing rules. In areas where this is not the case, however, it is uncomfortable, as it stressed the Commission’s officials: the so-called passporting rights of UK institutions will lose their validity. The trading partners in the EU may make this more difficult then solid.

For British citizens the situation is aggravated by the fact that many of the important issues the States have the Say and, therefore, is a tangle of emergency rules threatens. This is especially true for the residence and employment of British citizens in the EU. You would no longer be protected in the event of No-Deal-Brexits of the EU rules on the free movement of persons, as the Commission makes it clear. For them, the rules apply as for citizens of other third countries and from EU country to be country to an EU country different.

In Germany is to create, in this case, a Ministerial regulation remedy. British citizens have the outlet three months time, to regulate their residence status, this period can be once in a three month prolong. In addition, it is possible to apply for German citizenship in addition to British. The Commission calls on citizens rights of the EU members, “a generous approach”, you should also make arrangements for social insurance, about health insurance.

EU Commission responded in the last Minute

The EU Commission has long been waiting for with the presentation of their plans for too long, as some find. Especially smaller EU member States would have liked to have earlier clarity. The Commission, in turn, wanted to wait for the decision of the British Parliament on the withdrawal of the contract and the already explosive internal political situation in Britain is not through horror scenarios in addition to strain. Since the vote in the lower house but is now only at 14. January should be had to the Brussels act.

for weeks seminars will be held in Brussels, in which representatives of the member countries to share about their preparations for a hard Brexit. In particular, the expected worst-affected countries – including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium – were “well on schedule”, says a participant. The Signal to London was clear: “We are ready.”

the Federal government has already on 12. December two law brought the packages in the shortened procedure. In the legal texts of the Federal Ministry of Finance, such as schemes for financial service providers. Those service providers of occupational health Ministry to ensure the transfer of pension periods. All laws must be in front of the Brexit-appointment on the 29. March 2019 be approved. The last date for the EU-projects would be the plenary session in the last week of March.

emergency plans No-Deal could increase the risk even

And there is another Problem with the emergency plans of the Commission: they could increase the risk of a No-Deal Brexits even unintentionally.

Because for quite a few British politicians, what the authority now is not a horror scenario. On the contrary, Brexiteers, which are against the Deal, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the EU, negotiated, could see through the plans of the Commission. Do you prefer a hard Brexit Mays agreements anyway. All the better if the EU were to absorb him now a bit.

Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned, however, that a disorderly Brexit would be “an absolute disaster”. Therefore, attempts to prevent such output. “But it takes two to have a decent Tango to lie”, Jean Claude Juncker on Wednesday in front of journalists.

His officials made clear, meanwhile, what happens when the Tango was a Solo. The EU-plans for the No-Deal-Brexit were “unilateral and can be revoked at any time,” said a Commission staffer. And anyway, the measures were intended only to protect the interests of the EU-27. Where it hits, however, especially the British, under the Commission takes up little to nothing. Gibraltar, for example, is excluded in the emergency plans.

: What happens if the British noise without agreement in the Brexit? For this scenario, the EU has now submitted plans. It is, among other things, such as air traffic, Goods and people flow in the future could run. Just for the people in the UK, the significant changes are likely to mean they are important recipients of the message from Brussels.

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