The Spanish League leaders FC Barcelona, has laid the plans for the staging of a League game in the USA until Further notice on ice. The match between FC Girona and Barcelona with Superstar Lionel Messi will not 26, as planned, at the. January 2019 in Miami, discharged, and informed the Spanish League and FC Barcelona according. However, the topic is still on the table: The Catalans “were and are more ready to play for LaLiga in the US” – however, first had to be “an agreement between all parties”.

Specifically, it’s about how the revenue from television money should be split between the first and second League. To do this, there is still no consensus, it said on Tuesday on the Barça website.

In Spain there for months, armed to the plans of the League to move individual parts in the USA. The Association RFEF had rejected a similar application. LaLiga insured but the Fans in the United States, that as soon as possible, but still the games of the Primera División in the United States held. You’ll also exhaust all legal possibilities in order to achieve this goal.


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