The East of Germany-plans of the CDU and the SPD will encounter in Economics, in review. “The measures advocated by the CDU and the SPD will not lead to the fact that Eastern Germany is catching up with the West economically,” said the head of the Department of macroeconomics at the Halle Institute for economic research (IWH), Oliver möller, of the “world up”.

the Magdeburg Professor of Economics, Karl-Heinz Paqué, sees the two concepts is not a great throw. “With the proposals of the parties is still suffering from symptoms, without the actual root of the problem,” said Paqué. The FDP politician was from 2002 to 2006, the Minister of Finance in Saxony-Anhalt and since September 2018 Chairman of the FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The East to a persistent economic gap between ends suffer with the West, said Paqué.

Both the CDU and the SPD have announced a stronger commitment to better living conditions in Eastern Germany. Almost 30 years after the fall of the wall, you decided to do this on Monday each have their own concepts in the Bureau and the Board of Directors.

Joachim Ragnitz, Deputy managing Director of the Dresden branch of the Ifo Institute for economic research, sees this as the “pure election”. “Populist proposals such as the pension alignment is preferable, or a basic pension for low earners is aimed unashamedly at the large group of voters in retirement age,” he said of the “world”.

in addition to Saxony is elected this year, also in Thuringia and Brandenburg, a new Parliament.

the SPD wants recognition of the lifetime achievements of the East German

Saxony, SPD chief Martin Dulig, who is competing for his party as the top candidate in the state election, defended the Eastern Offensive of his party. “30 years after the peaceful Revolution and the post-reunification experience, the injustices have to be worked out,” said Dulig in the ZDF-“morning magazine”.

It had been in the past few years, a mistake to compare only the structures in the East and the West. You should see the differences in the mentalities and life experiences. There had been “too little respect for the life achievements” of the East Germans, said Dulig.

The SPD promotes a “new departure for East Germany”. The SPD Board of Directors approved a Twelve-point program, which provides for, among other things, a basic pension, a children’s basic security and an extended duration for the unemployment compensation. The party has also, for the alignment of wages in East and West, as well as for a comprehensive digitisation. Also, the CDU’s top had decided to an Eastern paper, in which the goal was formulated to create equivalent living conditions.


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