a complete solution!

No Power to the Walkthroughs!

“We deceive and flatter no one by such delicate artifices as the us itself”, which Schopenhauer already knew. Have proved this a few years ago, scientists at Yale University by Tests on four year olds and Capuchin monkeys. There is a need to Monkey neither Schopenhauer nor funny, to prove that us humans a tendency to self-quasi-congenital. It is sufficient to take a look at the most popular gaming websites. At the very top: “IGN” and “GameFAQs” – welcome to the hell of the Walkthroughs!

complete solutions are as old as computer games themselves, and, unfortunately, the Medium of adherent tissue, such as malignant tumor. On top of that, the Internet is overflowing with these Homeric text know deserts, the read as exciting as the instruction leaflet for Aspirin Plus C. even for developers, it is good form to publish all the solution books. It is downright easy to bring a game as fast as humanly possible.

Because who has time to develop game mechanics and principles, or for longer than ten minutes in a riddle meddling? So, why not? All make anyway – at least a little bit. Quite simply: Because otherwise the game could just as very good unplayed in the ton.

Found in WASD – fraud
issue 14
About the Cheating in the computer contents folder game order

Who is not adhering to the rules is a spoilsport – we know since Kindergarten. If Gamer*sit inside but as the only moral instance in front of the screen and the gamble, comes the immediate progress of a sudden about everything. But who the solution book – from the SNES”game Advisor”, to “Fallout 4”-Walkthrough, denied it to explore virtual worlds on their own, the game mechanics and puzzles of logic through repeated Trial-and-Error yourself – without external influence.

those Who take the Hand and through the game to navigate, is faster, but can also apply a good time with a twelve-part Let’s Play. In the case of a journey from Hanover to the Ruhr area as a navigational aid blood may be pressure lowering in the case of Adventure Games “Myst,” will lead the game with its solution book, however, even to the point of absurdity. With maps equipped, the mysterious island-the adventurers-namely, more of a Sightseeing Tour on the island of Helgoland.

The ironic thing: the players will be trimmed to “Instant Gratification”, and the satisfaction of by a process of constant progress; to Walkthrough-Junkies. As a viewer of your self, you shimmy passive from Level to Level. Without realizing it, you go from on top of the glue. And at the end of the game a bitter aftertaste and the employment waiting for Mende feeling to have a game experience cheated. What good is it to know that “The Stanley Parable” has 19 different Endings?

The high feeling, a tricky puzzle cracked an Easter Egg found, enemies defeated, and to have the in-house-won strategy, the next Level is to be achieved, remains undoubtedly on the track.

But not always, it is up to the impatient Gamer. Often, it is poor Game Design, or the sadistic vein of a developer, some of the Puzzles devoid nonsensical combining game logic of any kind, and virtually unsolvable. Just think of Moon-Logic Puzzles such as pipe wrenches, monkey in “Monkey Island 2”, the goat puzzle in broken sword, or Manny’s post-mortem cheese grater in “Grim Fandango”.

Adventure games such as “Thimbleweed Park” – Ron Gilbert has learned since “Monkey Island” to solve this the clever way, by integrating encrypted Hints in the game itself and the players allow you to come to the solution a step closer. It may not always be the complete solution, in order to move forward. It comes in small doses. Because cold Turkey is already difficult to create.

Michael Hoh went so far without a guide through life, Easter eggs he has found them all. The big Jackpot was not without Cheats, however, which is why he’ll be in Berlin and be of money as a copywriter, and a Translator must make.


a complete solution!

‘ Yes ‘ to life!

last week I wanted to escape from the Church, and because I live in Munich, at the worst place in the world: to the district administration unit (KVR) in the Pocci-street. The KVR is the ultimate authorities, angled like Hyrule, or this castle is a castle there, “Dark Souls”.

It is eight o’clock in the morning, I stand at the entrance of the KVR, and am already confused directly: I Need to now to the office? Or in the registry office? Or is this a case for the tax office to save because, if we are honest, it is just a matter of taxes? The KVR-internal Tutorial, the Info Desk is not staffed, so I get simply “blind”.

I astray a long time through the gears, to me, unfortunate people to stumble, holding a bunch of papers in Hand. “How about a fishing license?”, I don’t think to myself, as I am, after ten minutes still more, but now for the third Time at the sign for “main Department I safety and order. Trades – guns, hunting, fishing” come over. At some point, the salvation: the citizens ‘ office. I take a number and sit down. In front of me, only 95 other turn, because I’m one of the lucky ones that today not much is going on. I get me a Instant vending machines-coffee, pack my iPad and a bit games “FTL”.

Found in WASD – fraud
issue 14
About the Cheating in the computer game content book order

one and a Half hours later: Finally I’m here. Triumphantly, I pull my piece of paper from the bag and put it on the KVR staff on the table. In five minutes I’m here, then I’m out of the Church and, above all, get out of the fucking KVR. “Outlet? Since S’ is wrong here. Since S’ to the registry office.”

I no longer listen to, as the officials explained to me, as I turn now, with only thirteen Times, and a building change to the Registrar’s office come. I’m sick and tired of. Rage quit.

Admittedly, I’m not a very frustration-resistant player. The reason why I don’t know, like the castle in “Dark Souls” is, is that I’ve been playing “Dark Souls”. Too heavy. To frustration. No Easy Mode. If I’m Playing somewhere to hang, it takes about three seconds, until I reach a complete solution. And about five until I don’t cheat.

life, My fraudulent Gamers already got me some raised eyebrows. “But games are only fun if they can overcome a real challenge!”, I replied often. “If I kill after 70 hours at some point this to level up a Boss in ‘Bloodborne’, then it feels incredibly good.” Your Calvinist work ethic in all honor, but it is really fun? Is it really so much better to come from work in the evening and in the computer struggling to play?

no, it’s not. Just like the miserable Wait at the KVR for me also not a “totally satisfying experience”. The end of the Wandering was not “totally worth it”. I wish I would have had a complete solution. Then I would have in the morning, the queue, which is skipped, because then I would have known the second, “secret” side entrance. I would be over directly – to all the wedding couples and family to the registry office, went, knew, what documents will I need and where I can sign.

The officials would have taken me to radiate my flawless preparation. One would, perhaps, have been so impressed that he painted me his cell phone number on the outlet wiper. Out to me would have been a bride, then a High-Five, because I have shown the apparatus.

like be completely solutions, Cheats and Guides, although a bit dishonest, but you give me back what is most important to me: life time. Because this life, I can save time in the stuck, what I enjoy the most: friends, family, and of course: much more video games. Because while you toil at some bridge Troll in “Dark Souls”, I already have the next game. Of course, only with a complete solution.

Christian Alt is an author and Journalist and has recently written with Christian Schiffer, the publisher of the “WASD” a book about conspiracy theories.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.