At the Start of the Baukindergelds in Germany, there had been such a high demand, that the website for applications for funding broke at times. “The grant portal was for a period of 20 minutes,” said a spokesman for the KfW-Bank, the applications can be made shortly after the launch last Tuesday. Already in the first hours, there have been more than 1000 applications for funding.

“Please have a little patience,”

But the Problem here is that, Prior to March 2019, the applications may not be submitted. Because, for technical reasons, the necessary documents such as income tax returns, the certificate of registration and extract from the land register not be uploaded in the Online reporting portal.

“Please have a little patience,” says the Website of the KfW succinctly. “You will receive a message by E-Mail as soon as you can upload your evidence. The will be no earlier than the end of March 2019. Then you have three months time for this.“ The “image”newspaper had first reported.

At the Start of the baukinder money this September, the KfW was prepared, apparently, insufficiently. For thousands of families this means: if you have now a request, is all the get at the earliest in April 2019 and his decision. Who wants to pay off with the money, a construction Loan, one must bridge the time until then somehow.

What is the baukinder money?

To help families engage in the face of rapidly rising real estate prices, under the arms, offers the Federal government a grant in the amount of 1200 euros per child and per year. This is paid out over 10 years and therefore amounts to a total of 12,000 Euro per child.

The project had been decided upon by the Grand coalition of CDU/CSU. Is granted to the baukinder money for families and Single parents with a child up to a limit of 90,000 euros of taxable household income in the year.

In the case of two children, the income limit must lie for the price of 105.000 Euro and three children-120,000 euros. Applications can be made for purchase contracts and building permits, the since 1. January of 2018, completed or have been granted – for the last promotion there is for financial statements to 31. December 2020, to be sealed. Initially planned to limit to a maximum of 120 square feet of living space for a promotion was removed.

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