The police in Bavaria has rescued 37 trafficked dog puppy from a small car. The officials controlled-driver and passenger, on the highway 6 in Pleystein, upper Palatinate, Germany, and discovered the boxes, obviously, only a few weeks old in a five-dog, a box and a hamster cage. You could move the data, and winselten pathetic.

It was, according to the investigators, among other things, Huskies, Maltese as well as English and French bulldogs. The puppies were not vaccinated, and “pathetic in the vehicle crammed”, as one official was quoted as saying in the message. They arrived at the control late Thursday night in different shelters.

driver and front passenger can expect costs of up to € 25,000, the cost of fines, vaccinations and accommodation of the puppies. The 41 and the 43-year-old men had taken the puppy in Hungary and wanted to bring the animals to the Czech Republic and Germany to Belgium.


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