Lukas Podolski holds the criticism of Franck Ribéry covered for. The Bavaria professional Video of yourself and a sheet of gold-published Steak for the “not so dramatic”. Podolski said: “If the Steak is golden, or silver or bronze, which I actually don’t give a shit. I think he is not a different person when he skin a Gold-Steak or a kebab to eat.”

On the criticism of his Video Ribery responded with tirades. FC Bayern announced a very high fine. “In retrospect, he also knows that he has responded, perhaps too early or too fast,” said Podolski.

The reactions on the Internet, as well as the media coverage were nonetheless exaggerated. “In Germany, this is extreme. If I, as Lukas Podolski is now a kebab to eat, they say: Bow, what a Horny guy! And if I were to smack me the next day, a Golden Steak, it is called: What in the world is this asshole?”

That Podolski speaks in this context is equal to twice of Döner is probably no coincidence. The 33-Year-old opened in January of 2018, a kebab shop in Cologne (read more about it here). He is currently with the Japanese team Vissel Kobe under contract.


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