An earthquake of a magnitude of 4.6 has been injured in a Polish copper mine for at least seven workers. After a miner was hit in the evening. The company KGHM Polska Miedz, which operates the Rudna Mine said, after the tremor.

in the evening, the rescuers freed two people alive from the rubble, said the Director of the Mine at a press conference. The quake in Polkowice the North-West of Breslau (Wroclaw) was built according to KGHM at a depth of 770 meters.

at The time of the earthquake at midday on Tuesday were, according to the company, 32 miners in the Mine. At least seven workers were brought in with injuries to the hospital.

2016 had collapsed parts of the tunnel have already been

First of all, a spokeswoman for the company had said that 14 miners were missing, but in the course of the Afternoon and the early Evening managed to rescue workers, to find the workers. The injured workers in the hospital are not of the Polish press Agency, PAP, in danger of their lives.

in 2016, had quaked in the same Mine near the lower Silesian Lubin (Lubin) the earth. At that time, eight miners were killed. Although the earthquake in 2016, with a thickness of 3.4 is weaker than the recent quakes were at that time large parts of the tunnel collapsed.

In Polish mining regions, it always comes back to shocks. Often they are the result of insufficient protection of exploited mines. The trigger of the current quake was initially unclear.


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