Poland’s national-conservative government party law and justice (PiS) has submitted a bill that would take back a part of your controversial judicial reforms. The PiS MEPs Marek Ast said, the design make the pension law, which had lowered the age limit for Supreme court judges from 70 to 65.

The law had forced a third of the top judges to resign, including the Chairman Małgorzata Gersdorf. The European court of justice (ECJ) had instructed Poland in October, of this regulation “immediately”. Gersdorf thereupon requested that 23 judges to resume work. The law called it a “purge,” and refused with reference to the Constitution in your Post.

It is expected that the MPs are still debating today about the draft law. Should he be accepted, could return to the affected judges, under the same working conditions to the Supreme court, “as if they were never gone,” said Ast the Polish media. Since the PiS holds the absolute majority in the Parliament, should be adopted the law. After that, it would have to be signed by the state President Mr Andrzej Duda.

Whether a new law is legally necessary at all, is questionable. Experts believe that the judgment of the ECJ is not sufficient to make the pension law. The debate about the age limit is part of an extensive dispute between the EU and the Polish government to the far-reaching reforms to the judiciary, which has launched the PiS, since their return to Power in 2015.

critics see it as an attempt to bring the Polish judicial system on the line of the government. The EU Commission has initiated, therefore, at the end of last year, a procedure against Poland. This can lead to the European level, up to the deprivation of voting rights.

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