Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki want clarity according to their own information about whether his government still has a majority in the Warsaw Parliament. With a view on the on Thursday the beginning of the end of the session of the European Council, he will ask for a vote, he said during a debate in the Polish Parliament.

“I must have security, that this government has the support of the parliamentary majority,” said Morawiecki. The discussion in Parliament turned to the evaluation of the round three-year government of his law and justice party (PiS). His party governed with an absolute majority.

the Background of the proposed vote could be one of the Opposition’s planned motion of censure against Morawiecki. The liberal-conservative Opposition criticized, among other things, the controversial PiS-judicial reforms. They threatened the independence of the judiciary and negotiated Poland a state of law procedures of the EU-Commission, criticized the PiS opponents and warned of: The national conservatives were headed for a Polexit. However, the Opposition since the government of the PiS has competed with several miss voting trust failed.

Because of the judicial reforms, the EU had initiated the Commission in 2017, a rule of law procedure against Poland, which is considered the sharpest weapon against rule violations by member States. The replacement of the main judge of the country loyal to the government lawyers, the government adopted in November.

“For me, the most Important thing is how should we govern and whether we rule in the interests of Poland,” said Morawiecki step in Parliament. The PiS of the court reform justifies with the support of the population. According to surveys, it is still the strongest party in the country.


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