Poland is one of Europe’s fiercest critics of the pipeline project “Nord Stream 2”. Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz warned a few weeks ago, in an Interview with the “Handelsblatt” of the consequences for Eastern Europe. “If the Russian Gas is eliminated Transit through Ukraine, the country loses not only a considerable revenue, but, above all, the guarantee of protection from further Russian aggression,” he said.

According to the fire letter from Richard Grenell in Warsaw made a few weeks ago, for excitement. The US Ambassador in Berlin, had threatened companies that are involved in the “Nord Stream 2”, with sanctions.

Add to that: Since September of 2018 is one of Donald Trump’s appointed Ambassador, representing with all the Power the interests of the United States resides with Georgette Mosbacher, also in Poland. She is not afraid, in the Polish politics. Also in the form of a letter.

Wrong title, wrong Name

“dear Mr. Minister Morawiecki, I am writing to you to Express my deepest concern about the recent allegations of members of the government against the journalists of TVN and the Discovery of the expression,” it said at the beginning of a letter from the 19. November of last year.

Mosbacher had not sent this Letter only to the Prime Minister, Morawiecki, but also to the interior Minister, Joachim Brudzinski and state President Mr Andrzej Duda. The letter resulted in Polish government circles are two reasons for displeasure:

Mosbacher chose a wrong form of address, the Prime Minister, Morawiecki you are made a Minister Morawiecki. In addition, you are provided with “Moraweicki” is still a typo. (Editor’s note. d. Red.: The typo in the original document has not been reproduced here.) The private broadcaster TVN belongs to the American media group Discovery. The U.S. company is one of the largest players on the Polish media market. Politicians of the ruling party PiS attack TVN because of his critical reporting.

In January last year, the station broadcast a documentary about neo-Nazis in Poland. One of the interviewees is that the radical Right is said to have received according to the information provided about 5000 euros for a asked Adolf-Hitler-birthday party. He was arrested after the broadcast of the police, his testimony also led to investigations against those responsible for TVN journalists.

“I hope that members of your government to attack independent journalists, or even prosecute, the public interests and articulate our companies strengths,” finished Mosbacher your letter to the leading politicians of their host country.

threatening letters to two ministries

It was not the only letter from the US Embassy, the landed since taking office, Mosbachers in the letter boxes of Polish ministries. As the beginning of the year was known, it has also intervened in the health and the Ministry of infrastructure:

The Ministry of health had painted to a drug by the US pharmaceutical company Genentech from the list of subsidised medicines. The Ministry of infrastructure had prepared a new law for the transportation of persons, in consequence of the activities of the US company Uber in Poland as good as impossible.

In its letter to the infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk, the US Ambassador not afraid to enter the threat with the end of planned U.S. investments.

“It is a Form of resistance”

“Actually, this is nothing out of the ordinary. In the past, ambassadors have tried, also from Germany, in the Polish policy,” says Witold Jurasz. “The Form is, however. The Ambassador interpreted the U.S. diplomacy in the Trump Administration, very carefully”, the former Diplomat and current foreign policy expert. Mosbacher has rowed back with their strategy of success:

The conservative government-controlled Prosecutor’s office in the case of the TV channel TVN. The drug of the US manufacturer, Genentech came back on the every two months updated list of subsidised medicines. The amendment for the transportation of persons disappeared in the drawer.

This does not mean, according to the assessment of Jurasz, however, that the Polish government does everything. “The letters shows to the Public, leaked to the displeasure of the Polish government. It is also a Form of resistance.”

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