Hardly the AfD in Bavaria is brought to the Parliament, and already there is Stress. A new Seating arrangement, but no one wants to sit next to the nationalists. So, the solitary representative of the fictional people grumble about will and declare that the other would convert the old home into a “multi-ethnic colonization zone” “”. Sweet, the AfD. Convert. As this wouldn’t have happened a long time ago.

Probably the Bavarian AfD has a morbid fear that it will be in the Parliament as soon as the comrades in the state of Baden-Württemberg. There, the state President for 2016 Muhterem Aras, a woman, a Green-and – care! – comes from the Eastern Anatolian Elmaaaç [Elma-atsch]. It is even claimed that she was Muslim, though her is with the Religion probably pretty damn.

Muhterem Aras, with the Power of their office, is the kryptonite of the AfD. I don’t know how you could make the age nativisten for Germany more torment, than with her on the Chefpult in Parliament. A Anatolierin with scepter, the inevitable face of Multiculturalism, the intercultural salt in the national wound that hurts. Aras embodies the open flank of the ethnic group. In their presence, the party is distracted and weakened.

The AfD has seen the devious maneuver, of course, by: Emil Sänze, member of Parliament for the district of Rottweil, defendant stated in a press release, Aras had been hoisted in the office, “just to drive the AfD in the Parade”. Again and again he begged the house to occupy the office: “So can’t go and it may in the baden-württemberg Parliament, with the best will more!” Aras was overwhelmed, a “sad Person”, the “almost sorry”. Impressive: The President needs to do nothing, your mere presence is enough to make tough men weak politicians who talk about feelings.

This week she has driven a AfD politician to a white heat. The minutes of the meeting of last Wednesday reads like a play in three acts.

act one: At the request of the AfD is a discussion on abortion, and a day-care centre brochure, the Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung. Just so you can imagine the level of debate, a few word shreds of speaker Carola wool: “for feminists only women as people” and “they [the SPD] look the other way, if your Antifa ground forces use violence against political dissenters count anyway”.

act two: FDP politician, Hans-Ulrich Rülke from the SPD and says in the direction of AfD: “Look back 80 years in our history. At that time the predecessors of these deputies were in the concentration camp, because you have voted against Hitler’s enabling act, and the intellectual precursor of people like Mr Räpple are marching in goose-stepping through the Brandenburg gate.”

third act, big Showdown : the Swabian commotion, a lot of heckling. Räpple calls a point of order, because he had been offended, the other parties argue, the state President is trying to keep the peace. But Räpple not calmed down. Even when the President has given him “a personal statement” at the lectern. After several warnings, she refers him out of the room. But Räpple refuses. At the end, finally, security will be called in officials who will accompany him outside.

For the first Time in the history of Baden-Württemberg, a member of the police was thrown out. But much more exciting: at last, the ranks of the democratic parties. You have to fight back against the right-wing populists, above all party differences: The AfD provoked, the FDP defended the SPD, a Green throw a troublemaker out of the hall and the CDU, applauded. In the Baden-württemberg Parliament, democratic values are defended and closed.

Räpple, a professional “Hypnoanalytiker” and healing practitioner, of like-minded Pro-Chemnitz-supporter and ultra-right, is as Pöbler in the Region known. He referred to differently minded ever as a “traitor” or a “scumbag” and has also, apparently, not always in handle. Räpple would be a Muslim, the AfD would have accounted for his behaviour, presumably as a cultural Problem.

of Course, there is no AfD spectacle without racist addition. For the turbulent debate in plenary Wolfgang Gedeon, known as the chief anti-Semite of his party cared at the end. In the direction of the President, he said: “you can lead a Parliament in Anatolia, but not in Germany.” Uiuiui, want to know a but. As a connoisseur of the Anatolian debate culture, I must disagree with: no, no, no way to run a Parliament in Germany, after the AfD-politician representatives have listed how the people in Anatolia.

So Muhterem Aras also noted Gedeon in the hall. Since there were two of them. The Whole thing is, of course, have repercussions. The AfD has a new Martyr for the freedom of expression, and uses the opportunity to face your own Trauma. In a press release, the group complained, President of Aras missed “all the time AfD enemy propaganda”, twisting “AfD-Arranged the words in the mouth” and is fully common.

My condolences.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.