Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin/Courtesy of Hotel Shilla

Forensic work is underway for a full month

The police are continuing their investigation into suspicions that Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin took an addictive drug for non-medical purposes a few years ago.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said May 8 that it was now looking into the head of a cosmetics clinic in Seoul, who is suspected of having administered propofol to Lee.

After local media reported in March that Lee had been given propofol shots for recreational purposes in 2016, police raided the clinic and booked the owner surnamed Yoo.

Forensic work is underway, but it will take a long time because lawyers for the clinic are checking everything in detail,” a police officer who asked not to be named told The Korea News Plus.

When the process is finished, we will determine whether or not we will book Lee. For now, we are not sure when the decision will be made.”

He said that the police are focusing on the clinic and its owner Yoo, not on Lee, the eldest daughter of bed-ridden Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee.

People care about Lee because she is a well-known figure. But the police investigation is mostly about the clinic, which administered the propofol shot,” he said.

We have put other issues on the back burner. Those will be carried out only after the charges are confirmed regarding the clinic and its owner Yoo.”

Lee was accused of having taken propofol shots for non-medical purposes at least twice from January to October in 2016.

The billionaire businesswoman instantly denied the accusation. The Samsung heiress admitted that she visited the hospital at issue but claimed that it was for legitimate treatment.

As propofol is classified as a psychotropic drug in Korea, it is illegal to prescribe or consume the agent for recreational purposes.

If the propofol scandal proves to be true, hence, the 49-year-old would be subject to criminal charges.


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