The police announced that three of the 16 arrested men in custody. You will be accused of resisting police, assault, prisoner liberation and threat. The investigating judge issued originally arrest warrant for four men – one of them was, however, dismissed against the pads. The rest of the twelve detained asylum seekers were released on Thursday.

Update from 26. October 2018, 12: 30 PM: Bavarian refugee Council is critical

After the police operation in refugee accommodation in Deggendorf, ran out of control, has now expressed its view of the Bavarian refugee Council to the incident. This designated use as “fully coated”, such as reported. A spokesman said that it could not be that any planned deportation of individuals, a dog, travelling hundred of the police.

Update from 25. October 2018, 14 at: office of the public Prosecutor checks arrest warrants

According to the escalated police operation in a lower Bavarian asylum seeker accommodation to the Prosecutor’s arrest warrants checks against four men. You’ll be accused of land invasion and resistance to police officers, a spokesman said on Thursday in Deggendorf.

first message: use in refugee accommodation running completely out of control: SEC needs to step in – A92 is locked

Stephen posching – The asylum seeker from Nigeria, was freed on Wednesday from the custody of the police, informed the investigators. Residents of the accommodation rioted, officials had been massively harassed. Special forces police moved in to gain, a highway was temporarily blocked. In the course of the operation in step Hans posching (Landkreis Deggendorf), were arrested 17 people. Actually, the officials had come for the sake of another asylum seeker, but could not take.

police car

trigger was attack the speaker, according to a Police the 29-year-old Nigerian, in the case of the attempted deportation of the other applicant for asylum, the officials. He had knocked over also chairs and against the interior of the accommodation are beaten. Because of his behavior he should be detained, however, he put up a fight but solid. Shortly after he was locked in a police car, he can escape.

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in the Meantime, the officials of other residents were harassed so severely that they went from “tactical reasons”, a spokesman said. The Fugitive was later with two other asylum-seekers detained.

+ of The police operation in refugee accommodation is escalated.© dpa / Armin Weigel

As according to police sources, the residents in the property, joined together, also left the security service for the premises. The officials feared the spokesman reported that that the group could arm themselves with knives. You have requested therefore, gain – including a special operations command (SEK).

SEC is not available, but a

Numerous police officers entered the afternoon, the grounds and searched the rooms. The data were taken after 14 people. The Elite police officers of the SEC not intervened in the action. Was injured, according to police, no one.

Against all of the 17 arrested is determined on suspicion of trespassing. Against the Nigerians by the government of lower Bavaria, a detention application was made to the district court of Deggendorf.

For use had to be locked to the speaker, for approximately 20 minutes, the front of the property leading past highway 92, because there was a danger that people were walking on the roadway. The police originally wanted to pick up an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, to take him to Italy to send back – you don’t hit him. The accommodation is a branch of the anchor centre in Deggendorf.


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