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Propofol investigations continue for 2 months

Police raided a cosmetic clinic in southern Seoul early this week to investigate the suspicion that it administered an addictive drug of propofol in 2016 to Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that seven officers were dispatched to the clinic in the affluent Gangnam district for search and seizure.

Police attempted to secure the hospital’s documents made in 2016 when Lee is suspected of having received propofol shots for some 10 months.

Police also made raids late March when the allegation first surfaced after a local news outlet reported an interview with a former nurse of the clinic.

The nurse claimed that during January to October in 2016, the Hotel Shilla chief took propofol for non-medical purposes at least twice a month.

She insisted that the clinic manipulated charts and police seemingly tried to find out related evidences.

Meanwhile, Lee admitted that she visited the clinic but for legitimate treatment, denying any wrongdoing.

Propofol is a short-acting sedative-hypnotic agent. Misuse of the medicine can be fatal. Hence, the country designated it as a psychotropic drug in 2011.

If the nurse’s claims are right, both the clinic’s chief and CEO Lee would be subject to criminal charges.

Lee is the country’s richest businesswoman whose wealth is estimated to be more than $1.5 billion.

The 49-year-old CEO is the eldest daughter of Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee and sister of Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, de-facto head of the nation’s leading conglomerate.

After Chairman Lee collapsed in 2014 due to a heart attack, Vice Chairman Lee has spearheaded the group whose flagship affiliates are Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDS.


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