The trade Union of police (GdP) had demanded in the face of Thousands of fatalities in road traffic, one should “think of something”. Now a prominent voice from the more conservative of the two main interest groups, the police have placed a speed limit on German motorways into the game.

If the number of the death is to fall victim to road traffic, should be implemented “a set of measures,” said Erich Rettinghaus, the North Rhine Westphalia state Chairman of the German police Union (DPolG). And: “A General speed limit of 130 km/h at the forefront.”

Whether or not a speed limit, ensures safety, is little researched and, therefore, controversial. The recent investigation of the German road safety Council (DVR) from the year 2016, however, showed that on sections with a speed limit per Kilometer of about 26 per cent fewer people killed in road accidents than on routes without speed limit. The number of seriously injured is on routes with a speed limit of 17 percent was also lower.

DPolG: “Free ride” leads to serious accidents

in Germany, allowed a “free ride” allows for the “high differential speeds, often for dramatic motorway accidents are not the cause,” now in the DPolG-opinion, citing the head of the highway police Department. Due to the greatly different speeds, and the dangers it could lead to dangerous situations, in addition, the likelihood of congestion increases as the traffic flow, then less liquid.

“It is time, with smart decisions, people life, to protect health and the environment,” said Rettinghaus. “Speed is still the number one Killer on roads.”

Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer had commented previously annoyed about the debate over a highway speed limit. The CSU politician said the “Bild am Sonntag”: “the System of recommended speed works and has proven itself.”

most of The countries in the world have a speed limit on the car. One of the Federal government commissioned a Commission of experts is currently working on proposals for more climate protection. Background the climate protection targets of the German government until 2030. A few days ago, the MIRROR had cost made known to the Considerations of a working group of the Commission – including a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on highways, higher fuel and quota for electric cars.

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It was, however, a first proposal, “with no Preconceptions connected”, as it says in the paper.


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