One of the strangest campaigns I’ve seen in recent times, bears the name of “#unfollowme”. The idea is to move people who are active in the network, to tell other people that they should not follow you any longer on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The criterion for the Entfolgung is the political attitude. “Let us work together to have a strong character against the Right!”, it is on the website of the initiators. “In Social Media it is like in Real Life – xenophobia and racism in the circle of friends no one wants.”

One of the first celebrity supporters of the campaign, the former Chancellor candidate of the SPD, Martin Schulz. In a Tweet he called on Twitter users to read nothing more of him, you should be eager to join forces with the right Demos. The change in the political climate better on the spot? Earlier politicians were proud to reach people who had lost their way politically. Today, they boast in order to maintain no contact to the wrong people.

basically, in #unfollowme to separatism, as the so-called Identitarian propagate: Instead, that strange people to meet, calls to ensure that cultural spaces are strictly kept separately, so that nothing more is mixed. Thankfully, there are even Apps that help you find out who follows a.

I’ve been under the impression that many of the people in their political commitment, first and foremost exclusivity. In contrast to what the representatives of the Multikultis say, it is quite advantages if you stay under, this also applies to the opinion fight.

You are protected from Surprises, of which unpleasant opinions. One hears, in Essence, what is confirmed in his attitude, and strengthens the sense of self-worth. Especially the foreclosure helps to demonstrate Superiority: We are “the Many”, as a statement of the German culture operation is called – the others are the Nazis and idiots.

“intelligence and education do not encourage self-criticism and the capacity for awareness”

scientists have a technical term for this Form of social distinction. You speak of the “Virtue Signalling”. Key terms and formulas, such as “#unfollowme” or – currently – “Nazis out” work, such as Tattoos or noticeable Piercings: One signaled to like-minded people that you are on the right page. It usually remains in the gesture, you can see critical, but as a reproach to Empty. The meaning of identity markers is just that: to mark identities. Therefore, it would be, for example, is also completely nonsensical to criticize a to man such as Sascha Lobo, whose texts probably Essentially the virtue display.

man is not made for the impartial consideration of the reality, perhaps for the explanation. We adhere to rational judgment. In truth, we are herd animals, whose brains are so designed that we can always find reasons why the tribe to which we belong, is better and smarter than other tribes. The bias is a legacy of the history of our Settling down, and it paid off for the Survival of a group, if the forces of Cohesion were particularly pronounced.

Supposedly better educated people are more likely to be able to assess a Situation without bias, so they believe, anyway. How do I the “FAS” gather, seems the opposite to be true. There is a name reported by a Experiment in which psychologists, subjects have been asked to be a disputed question of Pro – and Contra-arguments. Most of the a lot more arguments were very, based the own opinion, which shows that lack of Prejudice is not innate. to show

As for the Harvard Professor, David Perkins was able to, were able to bring students a total of more arguments to paper as a non-academic, however, the number remained the counter-arguments unchanged. The propensity for bossiness so that you do not need to conclude, with the degree of education, but to. Or, as the evolutionary psychologist Leander stone head wrote: “intelligence and education do not encourage self-criticism and the capacity for awareness, you strengthen what is already in the human brain: cognitive narrow-mindedness.”

The man is an Opportunist, which belongs to the anthropological truth

One should not be naive. It is not right to bring radical to your Beliefs, by offering you the dialogue, so you will not change his mind as well as a radical animal rights activist or a supporter of “Cuba Sí” willingness to talk. The human mind is so constituted that it is using every loophole, to be able to in the considered opinion to hold. But between the Radical and ideologically motivated people, there is a grey area in which, at least, peaceful coexistence is possible.

Hardly anything to AfD pendant brings so reliable on the palm, such as the claim that they are Nazis. Self-Nazis react sometimes indignant when they are called Nazis, which shows me that, apparently, even very right-minded people to share with the majority of society of certain moral values.

A true racist probably would have felt no offence at the fact that you called him a racist, as it is not a convinced national socialist, as an insult, is to be the hater of the Jews. You could argue that outrage is, it is actually so, only to meet a charge, it is believed that it is detrimental to a battle of Opinions. But I don’t think that’s how it is. The outrage is real.

The man is an Opportunist, which belongs to the anthropological truth. Opportunism has a bad reputation, it may be important for the cohesion of a company is quite useful. Why does the Transfer of the Nazi-infested Germany in a democratic community? Because of the vast number of Nazis after the war, the democratic spirit of the times.

democratic transformation presupposes, however, that politically Dispersed is allowed to reflect. You can drive people in the self-radicalization, by telling you that you hold you for the last Dirt.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.