A majority of Germans voted in a poll for a ban on fireworks in the inner cities. Nearly 60 percent of the more than 5,000 respondents showed a General firecrackers ban in densely populated environments, such as the on Wednesday published an online survey of the Institute Civey for the Funke media group. To the question “Should be banned the Ignition of fireworks, in your opinion, on new year’s eve in the German inner cities?” replied, therefore, 41 percent “Yes, definitely”. Another 18.6 percent said “rather Yes”.

While nearly 64 percent of women believe that in inner cities, no fireworks should be ignited to see this, 55 per cent of men. In addition, the rejection of fireworks in inner cities with increasing age. The survey took place from 17. up to the 24. December, more than ten thousand people. The statistical error was indicated with two and a half percent.

fireworks bans in inner cities, there are always debates. Finally, the German environmental aid Association called for such a ban, and also pointed out the high levels of fine dust pollution. In some cities, such as Dortmund, Hannover and Braunschweig, the Burning of fireworks in certain areas is prohibited.

thousands of tons of fine dust through new year’s eve pounding

In Berlin, the SPD made a corresponding advance. The members of the Berlin SPD to restrict the firecrackers on new year’s eve in the city center. “Berlin is extremely on new year’s eve, and in recent years it has been getting worse and worse,” said the Vice-Chairman, Jörg Stroedter in the MIRROR. “People take with your Böllerei simply no consideration for others.” So he referred to the incidents in the last new year’s eve night. Fire brigade and police had been fired on. Were added according to the rbb is far more than a thousand police, hundreds of fires and many seriously injured. “The forces come to help, on new year’s eve the worst service ever, and then fired. This can’t go on.”

Because a lot of people set fire to illegal firecrackers, do not want to Stroedter restrict only the sale of firecrackers, but also to control, especially at the border.

danger to life and limb is not the only reason that speaks against the pounding of the year. The Federal environment Agency (UBA) warned last year before extreme particulate pollution by fireworks in the new year’s eve. Measurements show, therefore, that in inner cities, in the hour after midnight, the extreme values of more than 1000 micro-grams of fine dust per cubic meter of air. As the limit value in the EU, a daily average of 50 micrograms per cubic meter, he must not be exceeded according to the provision, only 35 days in the year.

a Year would set on new year’s eve in Germany, nearly 5000 tonnes of particulate matter of size PM10 during the Burning of fireworks free, wrote the UBA at the time, in a brochure: “This amount is roughly equivalent to 17 percent annually in the road transport the specified amount of particulate matter. “In the larger context, however, it sounds less dramatic: In Germany the activities of the people around 220,000 tonnes of PM10 release of fine dust per year. The share of the new year in fine dust amounts to only about two per cent.


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