Pope Francis has lamented on Christmas eve excesses and inequalities of the world. “The man is become greedy and insatiable,” said the Catholics, the head of the Christmas mass before Thousands of faithful in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “An insatiable greed by the history of mankind draws to the paradoxes of today that a few of the feasting sumptuously, and so many have no bread to live on.”

The Christmas story to give to understand that it is not the ownership, the greed, or the Abundance are essential for life, but the next love.

“Eat, and hamsters”

“You must not slipping into the canyons of the mundane life and consumption,” he said. The small body of the child in Bethlehem have designed a new model of life, so Francis, in reference to the birth of Jesus, the Christians on Christmas eve in remembrance of you. This is not about “Eating and Hoarding, but by Sharing and Giving”, preached by Francis. “We ask ourselves, At Christmas, I share my bread with the one who has none?”

The visited from the Argentina-born Pope as a priest, Jorge Bergoglio, earlier in Buenos Aires, often the poor district. He is for his commitment to the poor and the marginalized in the society. Again and again he invites the homeless or refugees in the Vatican, or take prisoners. In the past year, he has on Christmas eve to compassion for the Persecuted called


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