Pope Francis has used the canonization of Pope Paul VI and the German nun Katharina Kasper, money, denounce the pursuit of greed and power.

in Addition, the Pontiff raised the murdered Salvadoran Bishop Oscar Romero in St. Peter’s square in Rome, in the state of the Saint, who is regarded as an advocate for the interests of the poor.

the saints were in use for the poor

“Where the money is at the center, there is no place for God and no place for the people,” said Pope Francis during the fair in front of around 70,000 believers. Wealth is “dangerous”. “The Problem is on our side: our Too many, our Much-Want to suffocate our hearts and makes us unable to love.” People need to let go of “the longing for Status and Power”.

All of the seven Canonized were for the use of the Church for the poor, as he is Pope Francis on the heart.

Katharina Kasper

Kasper (1820 to 1898) comes from the West forest, and is the founder of the religious community cross the sisters, the care of Old and Sick. The Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing described the canonization as “a great gift”. Thus the Church is worthy of the “life and witness of faith” the religious sister and give her worldwide attention. From Germany, some 1,500 pilgrims had arrived.

In contrast to the previous Canonizations lacked the Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI at the ceremony. The 91-Year-old is no longer as “agile” as a few months ago, it was said from the Vatican. For this, Pope Francis visited him on the eve. Paul VI appointed Joseph Ratzinger once to the cardinal.

The Initiative for Kaspers canonization was that of the former Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the “pomp of this Bishop,” because of the luxurious debauchery of his office had to give up.

Today, he works at the Pontifical Council for promoting the new evangelization in Rome. Tebartz-van Elst will celebrate on Monday in Rome, a mass of thanksgiving celebrated by his successor, Bätzing said Barbara Reutelsterz, who had come from Wirges in Westerwald. “We consider those encounters, actually, as the steps of reconciliation.”

For Kerstin Schäfer from the West forest is the canonization of a “unique experience”. Catherine is in line with the current Pope. “The Humble, back to Caritas, would have fallen for Catherine,” she said.

Pope Paul IV

the most Famous among The saints of Paul VI, from 1963 until his death in 1978, Pontiff, and as “Vatican Council II, the Pope” was known. He successfully completed the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), considered to be leading the way for the renewal of the Church. However, he also had many critics, because he held to the strict prohibition of the use of artificial contraceptives like the pill. In the story, he was therefore also called “pills-Paul” or “pill Pope”. He was a “Prophet of a, Church which has vision and the poor care,” says Francis.

Romero is long celebrated as a Martyr of the Catholic Church. He was shot and killed in 1980 by a right-wing hit squad on the Altar. He fought for the poor and to the rich elites and the military in El Salvador. His murder is regarded as the trigger of a brutal civil war in the Latin American country. Romero had “worldly hedges, on his own security”, to be the arms close to the Argentine Pope Francis.

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