The Volkswagen group has reported on Thursday that self-display at the KBA. The MIRROR learned from the group’s circles. It is a matter of erroneous consumption values of the sports car model 911, the subsidiary of the company Porsche builds. Affected by the wrong consumption figures, the year of construction will be in 2016 and 2017.

In the result, wishes to inform the Wolfsburg-based group, the American authorities EPA and CARB. Why is the sports car will consume more fuel and therefore more carbon dioxide ejection, as in the type-approval noted, is yet unknown.

For VW and its subsidiary, Porsche this step is serious. It turns out that the be subsequently processed consumption values noted are more than ten percent above the original specification, can be damage, according to German case – law, the replacement of the customers asserted-in the extreme case, even the purchase to be borne by the manufacturer. It is also conceivable claims of the tax authorities, because the car will be higher CO2 emissions and therefore higher rates of Vehicle taxes due. In addition, both the American and the German authorities impose penalties for breaches of the authorisation process high money. In Germany, this can be up to 5000 Euro.

Incorrect values for air resistance

circles of the VW management, the MIRROR learned that the consumption measurements for the type-approval of a 911 to be a false value for the air resistance was used. Since the consumption is determined on the dynamometer, must be influenced be factors such as air and rolling resistance factored in.

How big is the impact of the wrong resistance value in the test procedure determined the CO2 emissions of the Porsche 911, which is now the subject of further measurements. Porsche chief Oliver flower has apparently already on the phone with the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and the explained self-display.

The Federal Ministry of transport has been informed of the self-display. Porsche took on the request of the MIRROR so as to be: “Porsche has found that internal investigations of topics in connection with individual, so-called coast-down tests. These Tests are used to determine vehicle-specific values for the dynamometer tests. In this specific case, deviations in the determination of wind resistance reports were forwarded to the competent authorities, values, and appropriate. The facts of the case is still under investigation, but Porsche sees it as a matter of course, and an expression of its corporate culture, to inform the competent authorities in parallel. The company is continuing internal investigations, in close coordination with the authorities.”

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