more than 10,000 trucks pass through daily, the port of Dover without border controls. However, such controls threaten in the case of a hard Brexits. Because there is in the British Parliament enormous reservations about the exit agreement with the EU, they say, the British government is already the Worst Case. She left on Monday around the port of Dover, dozens of trucks to simulate the case of a re-introduction of border controls, such as the Ministry of transport announced in London.

in Order to examine how, in this case, congestion can be avoided, had the Ministry of 89 trucks on the disused airport of Manston, nearly 32 kilometers from the port of Dover. The terrain could be used to prevent, in the case of a disorderly EU exit Britain’s traffic congestion close to Dover, it was said.

Exercise for a good 50,000 pounds

The convoy drove on a trial basis to the port of Dover and returned afterwards for another Exercise back to the disused airport site. The goal of the test travel it to ensure that it “will give the outlet an effective Plan in the event of disruptions to the EU”, said the Ministry of transport of the action.

Truck to the Brexit-Test in Dover

A spokeswoman assured that the government will continue to work hard on a child Brexit. It is your responsibility, “to prepare for all eventualities”. A hard to exit the EU without an agreement.

The cost of renting the Truck-Practice in Dover, the Ministry tallied up to 48.950 pounds. “This is a Farce at the expense of the taxpayers,” criticized the liberal democratic Deputy Layla Moran, the Truck action. This will not convince the EU that the UK was prepared for a hard Brexit.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA), a trade Association for road transport, criticized, the Test will come far too late and was much too small, to samples, to the case of an emergency with Thousands of Trucks.

“Less than a hundred Trucks are like a drop in the ocean, given the 10,000 trucks that pass every day, the port,” said the conservative MP Charlie Elphicke. Government truck is not rich as in a wild goose hunt through the curve and one-lane roads through villages in Kent.

Brussels does not want to act post

Dover is regarded for centuries as a goal of the UK to Europe. At the local port 17 percent of the merchandise trade of the United Kingdom to be settled Kingdom. Each truck is required, according to information from the port operator so far, only two minutes to perform on arrival of the necessary formalities. Two additional minutes would provide jams with a length of more than 27 kilometers, it said on the Website of the port.

According to the BBC, the Parliament on July 15. January to vote on the highly controversial Brexit Deal. The UK’s exit from the EU is on 29. March completed. Against the Brussels negotiated exit agreement, there is in the British Parliament wide resistance. In the past few days had been speculated in the British media about a new delay in the vote.

The EU Commission confirmed its refusal of the Brexit Deal with London to negotiate. “There are no negotiations, because we have everything we have on the table, to be considered as given, fixed and approved,” said Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas in Brussels.

Aston Martin activated the emergency plan

the uncertainty over The Brexit burden on the British economy. The British Association of car manufacturers made the forthcoming EU-exit is partly responsible for a slump of Car sales in the past year.

The British car maker Aston Martin has adopted a contingency plan in case of a hard Brexits. So far, engines or transmissions, the procured Aston Martin in Europe, via the port of Dover to the Land. In order to avoid excessive delays due to customs checks, agreed by the car manufacturer, the transportation company DHL that is the Truck driving in the case of a hard Brexit other ports. Also the more expensive way via air freight was organised, it said. To be able to his luxury cars, without interruption, in Europe, to sell, Aston Martin has built up in the past year, a warehouse in Germany.


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