midnight. The gulls screech, in the air over the city hall circles. A man runs in a T-Shirt. It is December, but on the town hall square chairs, as they waited for strollers. In the coastal city of Porto, where the Douro flows into the Atlantic ocean, mellow temperatures, making it even now. Passengers can forget the Winter here safely.

The 37-year-old André Apolinário takes tourists on a sightseeing tour of the “key port” and wants to bring them in cafes and Restaurants, the Portuguese cuisine. As he leads the group to McDonald’s in the city centre, he reaps first of all, horrified looks. However, the Fast-Food Shop is only because of the building on its list, says Apolinário: In the thirty years have been the most cosmopolitan Café in the city.

The wall decorations there are, but today it smells like cheese burgers and fries. “Better than if the building stands empty, like the last few years,” said Apolinário and to São Bento train station, the famous ceramic tiles to show the Azulejos,. In the clockwise direction, the painted tiles to draw, the development of transport – from donkeys to the railway.

Apolinário speaks a lot about Porto’s architecture. However, the main role of his Foodie Tour of the food. With sweeping Gestures of the Portuenser stories told to the shops, by which he leads, and he describes the Region from which the products come. He gives sweet pastries, fish and Folar, a heart cake with thick sausage pieces.

city on the move

The nearly four-hour Tour ends with port wine. Apolinário presents Davide Ferreira, who worked at the major port wine producers, on the other side of the Douro, until he decided to have his wine shop open Touriga. “I wanted to do my own thing,” says the 40-Year-old and confirmed the impression that one has after a short period of time from Porto: Young people open up stores, give it a try, it will be built and renovated, the city is on the move.


Ferreira has three port wines to Try, and explains why the wine is so strong and sweet: The fermentation process is different than conventional wine interrupted after two to three days, by high-percentage alcohol. Who wants to understand in more detail you can visit on a Tour in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. The offers also, if you want to taste the wines.

for ten euros, the manufacturer Ramos Pinto, for example, five well-filled glasses. On slips of paper, what you drink. How to find the wines that one could record, explained the woman at the cash register. The only Problem is that you think after the third glass so clear – the wine is served without food. Better you book a Tour with a guide, and Snacks.

Hogwarts bookstore and pretty cafes

If it rains in Porto, the city looks more like a little London, just with right-hand traffic and a more relaxing people. The friendliness of the inhabitants is remarkable. Neither pouring rain nor crowds of tourists seem to bring you out from the rest.

Maria Oliveira, who works in the small Hotel Porto Vintage Guesthouse, says they have no Problem with that, when many tourists wanted to see the city. It explains the past as a seafaring and trading city. The contact with foreign cultures has always played a major role. “We like everybody,” says Oliveira.

In the many cafes, good retreat places on rainy days, seems to confirm this: In the time-honoured Café Majestic, the employees do not stay friendly when the visitors close the door behind him, or minutes of Selfies.

Lello bookshop in Porto

The Café is as pretty as the 1906 opened art Nouveau Lello bookshop, which was voted by the British “Guardian” the most beautiful in the world. However, both are besieged by tourists, since rumours emerged that Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, who lived in the nineties, in Porto, was there to inspire. Enchanted like Hogwarts from the looks of it.

Quiet is it in the cafe Santiago, known for Porto’s most famous dish: the Francesinha (little French girl), a Sandwich similar to the French Croque Monsieur. Between toast slices of ham, Linguiça (smoked pork sausage) and a beef steak. The Whole thing is topped with cheese and a sauce of beer, mustard, tomato and port wine poured over it. Not to mention French fries and Fried eggs are served. As the waiter brings the court cannot understand why Apolinário Porto offers typical food after you are full, and sluggish.

museums for children, soccer and art fans

And inertia, you can’t have that. Porto is much too interesting and rich in museums. With children you can go Hiking in the interactive “World of Discoveries” in the footsteps of Portuguese sailors. Sports fans can have fun at the Museum of FC Porto, interested in art in the Serralves Museum of contemporary art.

the Serralves Museum of contemporary art

The photography Museum is worth a visit, if only because of the rooms – it is housed in a former prison. There, the Portuguese writer Camilo Castelo Branco (1825-1890) was once for adultery and wrote his novel “The fatal love”.

Porto has many such stories to tell to go in the summer when the beach and water curls, rather. “On winter days, you can discover here even more,” said Maria Oliveira.

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