hundreds of bathers came up with the tentacles of the Portuguese galleys in contact. Therefore were closed in the state of Queensland beaches. Is affected, among other things, the popular seaside resort Coolangatta, South of Brisbane.

Alone on Sunday were treated according to the life-savers on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast to the North and South of Brisbane, more than 900 people. The poison from the stinging cells of the “Floating terrorist” and referred to animals causes severe pain and pimples on the skin.

Unusually strong winds had driven the cnidarians towards the coast, it was called by the ambulance service in Queensland on Twitter. Thus, there were treated in the last month alone, a total of 13,000 people, the one with the meter-long tentacles on the surface of the water driving Seeblasen came in contact. Portuguese galleys resemble jellyfish, but are actually a colony of individual animals.

In the past year the animals have been discovered several times in front of Mallorca. Also there are beaches were closed.

Bathing in Mallorca So dangerous Portuguese galleys


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