for Two years the British government has negotiated with the EU Commission about the exit – and now Prime Minister, Theresa May, the Deal has no majority in Parliament. The greater the Chaos in London, the more tempting the emergency exit, the European court of justice on Monday has unlocked appears, therefore, The British government could unilaterally withdraw from the Brexit. Another Referendum that would legitimize such a step, democratically, appears increasingly likely.

But such a step might have more serious consequences than a minor Brexit – both for the UK and the EU.

steep template for Britain’s EU enemies

Although there is a good, maybe even compelling Argument for a second Referendum: Now that the Deal with the EU on the table, and knew the voters finally, what they are voting on actually. At the first referendum in June 2016 not to be the case.

But the election campaign would be expected to still xenophobic and hateful as the first Time. The British society would be then even more deeply divided than it already is – especially since, according to current polls, at most, with a narrow victory of the Pro-EU camp would be. The losers would be but this time probably even more angry and disappointed than the first referendum. Many of them would feel the Brexit cheated and frustrated by the democracy to turn away. It is a steep template for EU would be the most anti-right-wing.

Which leads to Problem number two: such An output would also be for the rest of the EU feel uncomfortable. She is currently trying desperately to important policy fields such as economic and monetary Union, defence and migration policy together. A politically hopelessly divided the UK could do in this Situation, a lot of damage.

Divided UK would be a difficult EU Partner

EU-hostile media and right-wing populists have long before the Brexit Referendum British governments herget rubbed. You may imagine, what would you do if you believed your sure, with a quasi-religious Furor represented Brexit again lose. The British government would be every Time a Shitstorm for sure, if you would call in the EU is a step in the direction of more Integration.

Although the idea seems to be that British political Clowns like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, or Jacob Rees-Mogg to be humiliated in a second Referendum, for some in the rest of the EU, tempting as the prospect of holding a major country like the UK in the Union. But better for all Involved it would be, if the country retaliated for the first years outside the EU.

Currently, there is nothing to suggest almost that it would be pleasant years. Between the great power USA blocks, China and the EU will be the UK hardly likely to prevail. Also: Should the UK approve the Deal with the EU, but still, it would likely to take years until it can finally conclude their own trade agreements with other countries – what would take then years to come. The British get better terms than the much larger EU, appears more than questionable.

In the best case, the British would, after such time a new application for the inclusion in the EU after you have recognized that in the EU, but not everything is bad and your country is no longer a world power.

should any of these circuits, but the British – and in a large majority. And the experience of the past two years have shown: So far they are not.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.