Prof. Noh Yong-young from POSTECH, third from left, the winner of the 2022 Merck Award, and Prof. Kang Suk-ju of Sogang University, second from left, the winner of the 2022 Merck Young Scientist Award, pose at the award ceremony held on the sidelines of the IMID 2022 in BEXCO, Busan, on Aug. 25. They are flanked by Merck Executive Vice President Michael Heckmeier, left, and Merck Korea Managing Director WooKyu Kim. Photo courtesy of Merck Korea

Sogang Prof. Kang Suk-ju receives Merck Young Scientist Award

Merck Korea announced on Aug. 25 that Prof. Noh Yong-young from POSTECH had received the 2022 Merck Award in an event held on the sidelines of the International Meeting of Information Displays (IMID) 2022 in Busan.

The Korean affiliate of global tech giant Merck also noted that Prof. Kang Suk-ju of Sogang University had won the 2022 Merck Young Scientist Award.

Prof. Noh garnered the prestigious award as he reported innovative research results on the development of semiconducting materials for backplane TFT technology OLED displays, according to Merck.

He developed the world’s first high-performance p-type TFT, a long-term challenge in the industry, by using tin-based metal halide perovskites and copper iodine-based metal halide transparent semiconductors.

Prof. Kang is one of the leading experts in the fields of the display image and video signal processing as well as artificial intelligence.

Based on various experiences in related fields, he has been pursuing innovations in image quality enhancement and restoration, next-generation display systems, artificial intelligence lightweight technology, and real-time hardware implementation.

“As Merck is celebrating its 33rd year in Korea, the electronics industry, which is led by displays and semiconductors, is advancing rapidly around the globe due to the growing demands for digital devices and technologies,” Merck Korea Managing Director WooKyu Kim said.

“Going forward, Merck will continue to engage in internal innovations and collaborations with the scientific community to deliver scientific progress in business and beyond, including in new fields such as healthcare and life science. These are the insights we hope to share at the Online Panel Discussion for Merck Science Connect at IMID 2022.”

The Merck Award was introduced in 2004 in time with the 100th anniversary of the Darmstadt-based company’s research on liquid crystal. Two years later, it was expanded to the Merck Young Scientist Award.

IMID 2022 & keynote speech

Meanwhile, Merck Executive Vice President Michael Heckmeier is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at the IMID 2022 under the theme of “Advancing display, Advancing Life.”

He is in charge of Merck’s Display Solutions of Electronics Business.

Merck Korea said that it would showcase various display material portfolios at its booth to help partners advance digital living in the display field.

It added that participants would be able to find flexible hard coating, which covers the top layer of flexible displays to ensure flexibility and durability.

Also trying to get the attention of participants are high-performance and high-purity OLED materials on top of various quantum dot materials, the company said.

Merck Korea disclosed its plan to hold Merck Science connect, designed to share its story about the display field, on Aug. 25.

The outfit also debuted a new program called Merck booth talk where nine speakers from diverse fields discuss its diversity and flexibility between Aug. 24 and 26. The talks are live-streamed via YouTube.

This year, the IMID is taking place at the BEXCO in Busan, which is located some 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

The 22nd edition of the annual event, which will continue through Aug. 26, has drawn approximately 2,500 participants from 15 countries across the globe.