Three children must share a room, or the parents sleep in the living room: According to the Federal statistical office, seven percent of the German population lived to the year 2017, in an apartment with too little space. More than five million people.

Especially persons at risk of poverty and Single-parent families and their children, 19 percent of them live in overcrowded dwellings are affected in Germany. The lack of Housing is also among the population in the cities is about three times as high as in rural areas

In most other EU countries, the deficiency, however, is significantly greater than in Germany: In the EU-average, the so-called overcrowding rate, therefore, was 16 per cent, more than twice as high. In Poland, 41 percent of the population lived in the year 2017, according to the figures, in an overcrowded apartment.

The work showed ‘ welfare (AWO) in view of the Figures in Germany are concerned. “To live In an apartment that matches your needs and at the same time affordable, more and more citizens to a barely achievable dream,” says the AWO Federal Chairman Wolfgang Stadler.

The organization called for three immediate actions – “a higher housing allowance, a more effective Rent control, and increased social housing”. In addition, energy and water would have to be designed prices social as well as housing allowance and the costs for accommodation and heating to the reality of life to be adapted.

Affordable senior apartments

How difficult it is to find suitable housing, a study shows. Pensioners, namely, Institute of life according to a new study by the Pestel-rare in such cramped dwellings. A Senior citizen lives, on average, to 59 square meters, an average citizen on an area of 46 square meters. It is for many retired hard to pay rising Rents. The number of seniors will increase from today almost 18 million by the year 2040, approximately 24 million – and significantly less pension to life, such as the calculates that.

A simple solution of moving to a smaller apartment, so space would be created for others who need the housing so badly. Many pensioners live more in the familiar apartment, even if the children are moved out and the Partner has died.

Often “fails of the move to the rental cost. In General, you can’t find a smaller apartment for a lower rent,” says Matthias Günther of Pestel-Institut . “And who can no longer afford his current apartment, you will not just be in the expensive cities are often forced to change only the apartment, but the apartment is also the place of residence.”

residential communities would be a solution to share the cost. A possibility, said Günther. “But many shy away from strange people in the apartment.”

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