The dispute over the controversial German-Russian gas project Nord Stream 2 is coming to a head. Meanwhile, Russia continues to expand its gas Infrastructure in the Baltic sea region also in another place.

In Kaliningrad has been taken to a Terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG), as the Russian energy company, said Gazprom. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived for the opening of the project, with the strategically important Baltic sea exclave wants to make Russia independent from the transport of gas through the EU and Nato country, Lithuania.

Putin: “transit risks

off to deliver” the Future of the Tanker “Marshal Wassilewski” liquid natural gas (Liquid Natural Gas/LNG) by sea. On a pontoon, five kilometers from the Baltic sea coast, the Gas will be fed into the management system of Kaliningrad. To date, the area was supplied via a gas pipeline that runs through Belarus and Lithuania.

Pipelines are transport in to the guest, although economic, Putin said, the Interfax news Agency, according to. “However, for the territory of Kaliningrad it comes to reserve capacity, with which all the transit risks are minimized, or, more precisely, completely off.”

Trittin defended Nord Stream-2 “The Americans want Russia economically totrüsten”

Through the Terminal per year is 3.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas delivered. Thus, the current demand in the area to be covered Kaliningrad as a possible higher demand in the future, said Gazprom. Neighboring the Baltic sea such as Poland or Lithuania, in turn, have built facilities for the landing of LNG in order to be itself independent from the Russian pipeline gas.


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