In a security alert has ordered the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Washington, that all not much-needed U.S. diplomats to leave Venezuela. It also urged all American citizens in Venezuela to seriously consider a departure. The diplomatic missions could help in case of emergencies only to a limited extent.

the Background is the ongoing political conflict in the country: On Wednesday the Parliament-in-chief Juan had Guaidó self-declared interim President, and thus head of state, Nicolás Maduro challenged openly. US President, Donald Trump recognized Guaidó as the legitimate interim President of the country. Subsequently, Maduro had expelled the U.S. diplomats in the country and you until Sunday.


a Little later, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had explained then, however, first of all, the United States would not follow the instruction for the withdrawal of all diplomats: “The Regime of former President Nicolás Maduro is not legitimate. Therefore, we will consider all of his statements and actions as illegitimate and invalid.”

Now the U.S. is starting to pull at least some of their diplomats. In the security warning from the foreign Ministry says in addition, U.S. citizens should consider their departure from Venezuela, as long as there are still commercial flights. If you decide to Remain, should create sufficient supplies.

Maduro accuses US of “coup” to organize

The situation in Venezuela has worsened since a failed uprising of national guardsmen on Monday continuously. In the case of the protests against Maduro and unrest, according to the non-governmental organisation were killed Observatory for social conflict since the start of the week 26 people.

The United States, the EU and many Latin American countries Guaidó to recognize as the legitimate head of state. Maduro, in contrast, can count on the support of the powerful military and its allies in Russia, Iran, Turkey, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Maduro thanked the military on Thursday for their support and accused the United States, “to organize a coup” in Venezuela. He announced plans to close the Embassy of his country and all consulates in the USA.

Video: Guaidó against Maduro scenes of the trial of power in Venezuela


At the same time, he was open to talks with the Opposition in the country. On Twitter, Maduro wrote: “We support the proposal of the governments of Mexico and Uruguay, to start a new international Initiative for a dialogue between the political forces in Venezuela in order to search in the framework of the Constitution after an agreement is reached, the stability and peace for all Venezuelans.”

Guaidó informed in the night to Friday, he would consider an Amnesty for Maduro and his followers – if this would help, in Venezuela a democracy.


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