Eight days – so much time has Venezuela’s rulers Nicolás Maduro to call new elections. He refuses, will recognize the Federal government of Juan Guaidó as a head of state – the self-interim President, currently, Maduro’s fiercest-proclaimed adversary. The Deputy government spokesperson Martina Fietz said. Similar to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez expressed.

“The Venezuelan people must be free and in safety decide on its future,” wrote Fietz in the short message service Twitter. Maduro should the deadline is passed, should Guaidó as a transitional President to initiate such a political process. On Friday the EU had communicated to diplomats in Brussels, in this joint statement, the 28 EU member States was in the vote.

Maduro had on 10. January started officially his second term. The largest part of the Opposition had boycotted the presidential election in may 2018, however, and does not recognise the result.


The head of state is accused that he Kratie transformed Venezuela into a car. So he had, for example, by the Opposition-dominated Parliament disempower. In addition, a severe economic reigns in the country crisis.

On Wednesday, the oppositional Parliament President Guaidó stated in mass protests, the interim President. The United States and a number of other Western and Latin American States recognized him immediately.

Guaidó announced for next week for more big rallies. “We go back on the road. The path is clear: the end of the Usurpation, the transition government, free elections,” he said on Friday in Caracas in front of the jubilant supporters.

However, Maduro can still count on the armed forces. Guaidó the military called on Friday to support the Opposition. “Soldiers, take the side of the Venezuelan people.”


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