Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is under pressure. In the power struggle with the self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó has put the U.S. government on the side of the opposition leader and sensitive sanctions against the socialist government in Caracas adopted.

Maduro has responded well during a troop visit, and the soldiers to the defence of the country is sworn in. “I call on the armed forces to a major military renewal, to ensure that the North-American imperialism has never set foot on our territory,” – said the head of state. “We should use the opportunity presented by the Imperia list is of Aggression of the government of Donald Trump, to develop a higher consciousness and a clearer military leadership.”

US soldiers to Venezuela?

a number of European States, Maduro had made an Ultimatum. The threat: he cries out for the weekend, no free and fair elections, want to recognize, among others, Germany, France, Spain, and the UK Guaidó as head of state. Maduro now brought at least possible negotiations with its counterparty Guaidó into the game.

The Federal government appealed to Maduro and the Venezuelan security apparatus, which do not bind protests in the country “by force”. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert voiced concern about the rising number of dead in clashes.

Maduro is afraid of is also a US military intervention in the South American country – and warned of a second Vietnam. From Washington it was said: “All options are on the table.” Trump was already in the public behind President Guaidó and issued a travel warning for the country.

Trump: “Historical” Takeover

In a telephone conversation of the U.S. President congratulated the Parliament-in-chief of the “historic” Takeover of the presidency and the support of the US underpinned, informed the White house. Trump and the opposition leaders agreed, therefore, regularly exchange.

Guaidó thanked him on Twitter at Trump: “He emphasized his complete support of our democratic work, its willingness to humanitarian assistance and the recognition of our transitional presidency by his government.”

In Caracas protested meanwhile, again, many government opponents against Maduro’s socialist government. They called on the military to side with the Opposition and to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid into the country. The country suffers from a severe economic crisis.

Demonstration against Maduro

The protesters waved Venezuelan flags and showed a Transparent with the inscription “freedom” and “Respect human rights”. “Venezuela is a dictatorship,” said Guaidó in a protest March to the Central University. “We want to takeover for an end to the unauthorized power and new elections.”

Two French journalists, who reported on political tensions in Venezuela, were taken to a report by the Reuters news Agency, according to. The French Embassy was turned on, and try a release, it said, citing a diplomat. A confirmation for this indication are not yet available.


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