Next round in the power struggle between the Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro and his rival, Juan Guaidó: attorney General Tareck William Saab introduced on Tuesday a request to the Supreme court of justice, the self-appointed interim President, the departure from the South American country and his accounts frozen.

Saab is a trailer Maduros, and even the Supreme court supported the government of the left nationalists.

The US-supported Guaidó is trying to push Maduro from office. The re-election of Maduro in the last year, did not meet the democratic Standards.

Maduro has called a coup against his socialist government. While Guaidó undergoes broad international support, missing him in the country itself in a real position of power. The military previously loyal to Maduro.

Guaidó was a ban on Leaving unimpressed. The action of the attorney General’s number of Years of a in the threats against him and the Parliament, which is dominated by the Opposition, said the 35-year -.

USA continue to support Guaidó fort

The United States had gained Guaidó previously, access to certain accounts of Venezuela in the United States. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had given permission that Guaidó could have legal access to the property, the store on certain accounts of the government of Venezuela or the Central Bank of Venezuela in the case of US banks.

on Monday, the US had imposed sanctions against the Oil sector of Venezuela. The words of US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, according to U.S.-based companies are not allowed to shop for even Oil from Venezuela, the payments must be in blocked accounts. Whether it is the accounts to which the Opposition now have access, was not at first clear.


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