Waiting for a recording to prepare the port has worsened the situation in the two German refugee rescue ships off Malta, according to activists. On the “Professor Albrecht Penck” must be returned to the water supply “strictly rational,” said the aid organization “Sea-Eye”. Also on the “Sea-Watch 3” will the situation “with every day more and more unstable,” said doctor Frank Dörner. Some migrants refuse, in the meantime, apparently, to take food.

in Spite of the conditions on Board, the EU member States still have no solution for the refugees. The Federal government relies more on a distribution of the 49 migrants. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert pleaded in Berlin for “a permanent, European, solidarity-based solution, and not new negotiations with each new ship brings to the refugees in front of a Mediterranean port”.

That the migrants do not want to eat on Board of the ship of the aid organisation, Sea Watch now, worried the organization. “We fear that your mental and health condition deteriorates significantly,” tweeted Sea-Watch.


Also on Board of “Professor Albrecht Penck” of the Regensburger NGO Sea-Eye, the situation has strained the organization to the start of the week. The 17 Rescued on Board were asleep for more than a week in the infirmary, they shared only one toilet, it said. Mattresses and a change of clothes there.

“It needs more solidarity between the member States,” said a spokesman for the EU Commission in Brussels. The intensive discussions with the EU countries had been continued over the weekend, and the authority are working on a solution so people could leave the ships quickly.

migrants suffer from seasickness

to make The Commission call on all EU States. In addition, it is in desperate need of a predictable and sustainable solution, as the migrants in the Mediterranean sea in the future will be dealt with.

Many of the already traumatized migrants suffer according to the organizations seasickness. The level of stress. Of two ships from the Maltese coast is visible – but you are not allowed to moor there so far. The Maltese government is allegedly against a distribution of more than 200 refugees to other European States.

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had made it on Sunday clear that the country wanted to create with the Creation of ships not set a precedent. You have been following the situation closely, it could not but be, that each of the migrants ‘ boat, the “somewhere rescued in the Mediterranean sea and other countries will be rejected, and ends in Malta”. The EU-level interviews to clarify according to, who is responsible for the two ships and who will take responsibility, should there be a next Time.

Malta, Italy and Spain are opposed to a recording of the refugees. A spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry had said on Saturday that it was to accommodate the people, but in the context of a “broad European distribution solution”.

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