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It is the Morning of the 7. July, 2017. Hooded figures to draw the noble Elbchaussee in Hamburg, burning cars, throwing firecrackers. A cell phone video that is circulating rapidly in the network, shows a scene from a stationary bus. You can see through the Window a wall of black-clad Masked approaches. A rioters clenches in passing the Faust, a other a beats slices. It POPs and hisses and rumbles. By the police, no trace. At this time there is, in this place, anarchy.

Hardly anything has upset the people at the G20 summit in front of nearly one and a half years, so as these scenes. You can determine to this day the image remains on the Meeting of the most powerful heads of state and government. The Elbchaussee is become a cipher for enthemmten Protest, the success in Smoking measures car wrecks, and traumatized passersby. The Hamburg interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) attested to the perpetrators of proximity to terrorism.

Video Bus: encounter with the black bloc


For the first Time the alleged perpetrator of that time are now before the court. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses four young men from Hessen and a Frenchman a number of serious crimes, including a heavy breach of peace, arson and grievous bodily harm. In the case of a conviction of up to ten years in prison are possible.

A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office said it had acted in a “violent riot”, the “only purpose was to spread fear and terror”. The competent youth chamber of the regional court – two of the five defendants were in July 2017 under the age of 18 – scheduled to may 26 process days. The defendant’s silence so far on the allegations.

Originally, the case against the 23-year-old Frenchman Loic S. should be negotiated separately. He sits, since his delivery in October in Hamburg in pre-trial detention. From a “purely practical reasons” they decided to combine the two procedures, said a court spokesman.

The charges against the four German – Halil Ibrahim K. (24), Can Cihan, N. (22), Roni S. (18) and Khashajar H. (18) – is mainly based on Videos of surveillance cameras. The faces had been to identify, before and after the deeds, argued the prosecution. On the basis of the clothes they had recognized the Quartet at multiple time points during the turn, a total of about 20 minutes for a distance of 1.4 kilometres.

would have rioted Whether the four self did not know it. The mere presence of the rich, but for the criminal liability. All of the about 220 participants of the train had together made the decision for the rampage. Together they had the goal to commit to the protection of the group of criminal offences. The show is also due to the fact that all of the unit were black and disguised dressed.

Video: A year after the G20 in Hamburg – these questions remain open (July 2018)


Who have not rioted in the train itself, was responsible for passers-by to intimidate and acts of violence. The four were to be classified, therefore, as an accomplice, not only as a participant. The Frenchman should have thrown in addition, a firecracker in a house entrance.

The indictment lists 99 cases of damage being attributed to the Elbchaussee-hooligans. The total sum of: one Million Euro. In the case of a conviction, the defendants “jointly and severally is likely to be considered” for any and all damages to account.

In the process will try the defender probably, to refute the video images as evidence. And it should go to the question of whether the point of view of the Prosecutor’s office is on the train. Perhaps we could ask whether all participants were aware of the fact that it is only a riot. Or whether some people came, at least in intent, to demonstrate just.

“Unprecedented acts of violence and property damage actions”

The process could be turbulent. Already in the run-up to the judiciary serious allegations against the chamber of the Chairman, Anne Meyer-Goering. The youth judge had to rule against the two older Germans, at the beginning of November on temporary bail.

you should come as the two youngest defendants from custody. It is doubtful, Meyer-Göring, whether the Imprisoned accomplice and part of a homogeneous group. The penalty amounts to probably about three years.

The public Prosecutor’s office lodged a complaint and had at the Hanseatic higher regional court (OLG) of success. The First criminal Senate wrote to Meyer from Göring to take note of, they underestimate the Dimension of the crime. It was “in Hamburg’s post-war history of unprecedented violence and property damage actions”.

The risk of flight – relevant for remand in this case was high. After all, you can expect a penalty “at the top” of the intended bandwidth. So, closer to ten than three years. The court of appeal quashed the decision of the judge, each accused a second public defender to be attributed.

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With a bias application against Meyer-Göring had the Prosecutor’s office, however, no success. The responsible head of the Department had claimed, Meyer-Göring had set one-sided in favor of the accused. You belittle the suffering of the victims. A maximum sentence of three years, was “under any conceivable legal point of view”.

A different chamber of the regional court of the request rejected. In the case of Meyer, Göring, and no bias was evident. An Insider told the MIRROR that the conduct of the prosecution pointing to the high pressure within the authority. The OLG wool, in turn, Meyer-Göring discipline and a hard line for the process set.

Gabriele Heinecke, the lawyer for Roni S., accused of the Prosecutor’s office, she wanted to make “an example”. Who is participating peacefully in a Demonstration of violence will be exercised, then in this reading only by the presence of a criminal offence. “This can lead to that people the fundamental right to freedom of Assembly.” For a democracy, “a fatal Signal”.

Summary: On Tuesday, the process begins to the G20 riots on Hamburg’s Elbchaussee. Are accused of four young men from Hessen and a Frenchman. You, among other things, a heavy breach of peace, arson, and dangerous body is accused of a violation. In the case of a conviction of up to ten years in prison are possible. Already in the run-up there were from the judiciary and serious allegations against the youth judge Anne Meyer-Göring: It was said, among other things, they deny the Dimension of the crime.

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