For many Smartphone owners have real Prepaid plans advantages: unpleasant Surprises are not excluded in the Form of high mobile phone bills because they can only consume the charged assets.

“are pre-paid tariffs not only for children and young people is a good choice, but for price-conscious consumers who want to keep their eye on costs,” says Jannik Degner from the Portal “”.

Zero-Rating offers, only for contract customers

However, Prepaid fares can also have disadvantages. “Those who opt for a Prepaid Tariff, you must always expect to be worse off than contract customers”, says Hayo gap from the Portal “”. So there is, among other things, the Zero-Rating offers from Telecom and Vodafone, in which music or video streaming, there is no consumption of data volume Included, only for term contracts.

Limited call divert

And Some Prepaid plans offer only limited call forwarding. “The call forwarding can be set to any number, but only as a redirection to the Mailbox,” explains Oliver Müller of the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. The possibility to use multiple SIM cards per phone number to be on different devices under the same number, you do not have Prepaid-customers often.

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in addition, Prepaid can require rates, sometimes a little advance planning. “The consumer needs to retain an eye on whether sufficient credit is available if no auto-boot is set up,” says Müller. Someone estimates his consumption incorrectly, or forget to charge, you can cancel a connection.

Often no monthly bill

As with other charges in advance, many providers no monthly bill. “This can be a disadvantage, if a regular account is a desirable position,” says Müller. A provider shall, in principle, no bills, users have no claim on other evidence. Then it makes sense, his usage patterns to keep in view.


Attractive Prepaid rates however, there are many on the market. Gap is recommended, however, to compare exactly. Because pre-paid plans about flat rates are often on a monthly basis, but in the 28-day rhythm settled. Over the year, this is not 12, but 13 months.

Private consumption

To the appropriate Tariff to find, it is especially important to know the own needs. “Anyone who uses an over – or under-dimensioned plan that usually pays more,” explains Degner. He recommends, to analyze the consumption of the past months, and based on this to take a decision for a package of Minutes, a flat rate, or another suitable mobile phone tariff.

In the case of Tariffs, which have many additional options, such as minutes and data packages or flat rates, Prepaid-model particularly well. Each month, the user can decide which service you need – and which are not.

activity time periods

anyone Who has only a cell phone to call in case of emergency or to be accessible should inform themselves carefully on the fare conditions. Because many providers set a so-called activity periods. “This means that the consumers must charge within a certain period of time, for example six months – the credit is at least a certain amount to function, maintain ability,” explains Müller. He does not charge the assets, functions are restricted, or in the worst case, the SIM will be switched off-map. Unused balances may not, however, forfeited, but must be paid after termination in the rule.

Real Prepaid contract or a Fake?

Prior to the completion of a Prepaid contract should inform the consumer that the contract is a genuine pre-paid, in which only the charged credit is used. Otherwise, a Negative balance may not show up on the credit account, for example, if a connection with the brauchtem credits canceled or the provider’s delay will be charged. “Appropriate arrangements can be referred to in the terms and conditions of the provider. Whether the relevant clauses are to be effective, it must be checked in each individual case,“ says Müller.

take into Account, consumers should, in any case, the quality of the network. Degner recommends studying with friends and Acquaintances about their experiences, to ask questions, and network coverage maps.

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