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The CSU-Vice-and -Europe politician Manfred Weber has ruled out that he is using the radical right-wing parties in the European Parliament to the EU Commission President. “Are my opponents, some of my enemies,” said Weber in a performance in front of the Federal press conference in Berlin. His group, the European people’s party (EPP), reject any cooperation with the extreme Right, and have also ensured that this could not Vice-President. Therefore, be clear to him that he wanted to let these forces do not choose.

The emerging nationalism Weber has called the biggest threat in the European elections in may 2019. “The main enemy is the spectre of nationalism,” he said. The threats to Europe are so great, “as it has been since the Second world war”. Danger threatened not only from outside but also from inside through the integration of hostile parties. Weber attacked in this context, the AfD in Germany. “The AfD is the Brexit-party of Germany,” said Weber.

Weber has been nominated at the beginning of November, the European Conservatives as the leading candidate for the European elections. Since the EPP in the past was always the strongest faction in the European Parliament, Weber’s a good chance that he could be after the election, EU Commission President. This, however, he needs the support of other political groups in the European Parliament. The German top candidate of the Greens, Ska Keller, had called on Weber in an Interview with TIME ONLINE, to distance themselves from the national parties. Only the Greens could think about a support Weber’s at all.

Europe choice – Manfred Weber is the top candidate of the Conservative CSU politicians, with almost 80 percent of the vote. So he has a good chance to be President of the EU Commission. © Photo: Markku Ulander/ Lehtikuva/Reuters wants to Fidesz Weber continue to build bridges To

the right-wing parties, of which Weber can’t choose, include, for example, the Austrian FPÖ, the French Rassemblement National (formerly National Front), the Italian Northern League and the Dutch party for freedom. All of them are closed in the ENF group together. A member of the former AfD members, Marcus Pretzell. So far, the group only 34 deputies in the EU Parliament. However, it is expected that it could be after the European elections is significantly stronger.

The Hungarian Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, which also serves as a national conservative and right-wing, populist, by contrast, is a member of the EPP. Weber had spoken so far, however, the Fidesz deputies from the since 2014 he led group out. Also at this press conference, he referred again to the fact that it should be for Fidesz is no “discount” in the basic values. That’s why he also supports the initiation of a relevant procedure referred to in article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary, with the violation of core values by an EU member state can be sanctioned.

stay Still, you had been talking with each other. “I’m a bridge-Builder,” said Weber. In addition, there is also in the social-democratically governed Romania big problems. There it was in the summer of mass demonstrations against the government, because it would restrict the independence of the judiciary and the intelligence services. However, he did not call on the social Democrats in the European Parliament, the members of the Romanian government party from their ranks to exclude, said Weber.

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