renegotiations are not eligible, but the EU is ready to talk, “as the British ratification can be facilitated”, and Council President Donald Tusk has called for Thursday a Brexit-summit with the 27 remaining member States.

The EU is responding to the announcement by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on Tuesday in the house of Commons on the Brussels agreement negotiated to put it to a vote.

“We will not negotiate the Deal, including the Backstops – new,” said Tusk on Twitter. “But we are ready to discuss how the ratification can be done in the UK.”

Since the time before the for 29. March announced for Britain to exit the EU of course, will also discuss the preparations for a Brexit without a contract, re-wrote Tusk. With a Backstop, the guarantee is meant that the border between British Northern Ireland and the EU remains a member of Ireland open.

Tusk’s spokesman added that it was in contact with the British side and to discuss further action. Tusk Advisory is also with the EU heads of state and government on the preparation for Thursday. For Thursday and Friday, an EU is already scheduled at the summit, the also May. The Meeting of the 27 without the United Kingdom has now been added.


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