The French national Assembly has adopted two controversial laws against rumors and false statements in election campaigns. The chamber of the Parliament approved in final reading by a clear majority for the plans of the President and Emmanuel Macron in the fight against “Fake News”. Critics warn of a restriction of the freedom of expression and against censorship.

The laws state that parties or candidates in the three months before a national election, with the help of a judge in summary proceedings against publicly spread untruths. In addition, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to commit to greater transparency, if you distribute content for a fee.

Macron had announced, “the democratic life” in France in front of the wrong messages to protect. The head of state had accused Russian media like RT and Sputnik in the presidential campaign, to sprinkle targeted speculation about him, in order to influence the election campaign.

critics see in the law an attempt Macrons, unpopular information. They warn of “censorship” and a “muzzle” for the media and citizens. Also, journalists ‘ organizations have criticized the laws.

The French Senate rejected the draft law, and not even up for debate approved. The last word of the national Assembly, however, had.

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