The French yellow West have achieved with their protest movement. Apparently the French government wants to suspend the controversial increase in the environmental tax on Diesel and petrol. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, you should, however, still only a few months later than planned. Originally, the increase for the 1 was. January schedules, which has led in recent days to massive protests in the capital.

President Emmanuel Macron stand extremely under pressure: According to Le Monde, the protesters have on Facebook for more protests for Saturday, 8. December, announced. In the network calls the “Fourth act already circulating”.

According to La Libération and the protests in the core are democratic and reminiscent of the protest movement in may 1968. “This is the beginning of a new movement? It is too early to say that. But the social protests are comparable in terms of their high level of mobilization and street violence. “However, the risk is high that the movement is radical even more than its predecessors, the movement 50 years ago.

Also, the conservative newspaper Le Figaro, the cross-party protests referred to as a “collective wound” and a “sign of failure on the part of the government”. How could it come to that, asks the Journalist Alexis Brézet. “How came we by a trivial increase in the tax on petrol to frightening scenes of destruction and devastation?”

The economic newspaper Les Échos speaks of a paradoxical situation. The French economy was “stronger than it was even several months ago”. The protests, according to Les Échos a two-edged sword. There is a security problem: The French government has no strategy, some of the worst riots of the century to curb. The Problem of Macron was that three-quarters of all citizens supported the country-wide protests.

The Communist daily newspaper L’humanité looks at a historical Moment has come. André Chassaigne, a politician of the Communist party, said in an Interview with the newspaper: “The government has failed, by holding a contemptuous attitude towards the citizens. In order to keep the current policy endangers the civil peace and weakens the economy.” He advocates the overthrow of the government Macron: “in A vote of censure would be the birth certificate of a new government, whose mandate could not ignore the legitimate economic and social demands of the popular movement.”

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