After months of negotiations, there is a design for a Brexit-the agreement between the EU and the UK. The British media are agreed that the Prime Minister Theresa May is now facing the real challenges: to get the agreement through Parliament, and also to safeguard their political future.

The conservative Daily Telegraph quoted May, with the words: “There are difficult days are before”. The newspaper can be may’s former chief of staff, Nick Timothy, referred to the agreement as a “surrender”. According to him, the EU Commission know that she had won.

“Far behind the sun-country”

the Times criticizes the May negotiated Deal. So May claims that she is the “best possible outcome of the negotiations” and the “national interests” to serve. According to the Times “there is no doubt that the Deal remains far behind the country of sun-drenched high, which had been promised to the voters during the EU Referendum, and also behind what she had said even once”.

“A divided Cabinet, a divided party, a divided country” was the headline of the left-liberal Guardian and is focused on the vote in Parliament. Here May need the support of your Cabinet, to the members to convince to vote for Brexit plans. Because the majorities are scarce, as the Northern Irish Protestant party has renounced DUP the draft already have their support.

“the Biggest Problem for May is not in Brussels, but in London”

Also in the European media Mays Brexit agreement was discussed. Thus, the Belgian newspaper De Tijd looks at an important stage in the Leaving process is managed: “we Still are not on target. But the events of this week in London since June 2016, the best message for a child, and as smooth as possible Brexit. (…) We (are) endless, not the Mantra of a ‘brexit means brexit say passed’ to a Text of 585 pages, is supported by the European Commission and the British government.”

Other media comment restrained to the outcome of the negotiations. Many point to the low political support, the Mays agreements. “Theresa May is in danger to see more Ministers go, and even if their government survived this fight, waiting for a highly uncertain vote in the British Parliament in December. Here’s the Brexit can be rejected, the agreement of an unlawful Alliance”, writes the liberal-conservative daily Berlingske in Copenhagen.

“Once more shows that the biggest Problem for Theresa May is not in Brussels, but in London”, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. According to the author, the actual negotiations have begun, only because it is “more uncertain, as the relationship between Britain and the EU will look like after Brexit”.

The Viennese Standard in the Brexit Deal “is one of those interim solutions with a tendency to permanence”. However, the whereabouts in the customs Union would be for the UK, as the border with Northern Ireland continue to stay open and the economy would suffer no additional damage. The decision is according to the Standard now in the hands of the other EU-countries: if you Want to support this design and the UK to continue to work closely to the EU’s binding, or do you want to strengthen the nationalist forces in Mays Tories, by demanding more compromises?

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.