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Will make the vote for the Brexit Treaty, the United Kingdom, strong and independent – or in complete Chaos? The British Newspapers are divided on the question of what to expect from the vote late on Tuesday evening.

The London Times , as the Guardian , see on your title pages is already a defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May. According to the “Guardian”line, this will be “crushing”. In fact, May be allowed hardly any chances to get a majority in favour of their Deal. They had warned the day before: Only the approval of the withdrawal agreement could exit a chaotic EU-on 29. March or a departure from the Brexit prevent. But the resistance to their plans is great.

The “Times” sees the UK before a long, difficult Phase. “It is no wonder that a party seeks Alliance from behind bänklern for a way to gain control over the process (of leaving the EU). But this group is apparently unable to agree on more than that a Brexit without agreement with the EU should be avoided”, – stated in the “Times”. May have lost “the trust of her Cabinet, her party and the Parliament. Nevertheless, they apparently tried to drag himself with the same failed Plan.”

Should reject the Parliament the agreement on Tuesday by a large majority, and in the coming weeks, not to further action of some, threatens a withdrawal without an agreement with massive consequences for the economy and many other areas of life. The Daily Mirror tried it with a direct Letter to Jun on the title page: “dear Prime Minister, your Deal will die today. In the interest of national unity, would you please open your eyes (and ears) and start to keep to a Plan B on the look-out”.

but There is also a strong camp that advertises for the EU exit. The Daily Mail tried it with pressure on the parliamentarians: “If the deputies support the Brexit Deal of May, can we leave the EU, the country re-unite, and the political stalemate end, the UK paralyzes. Therefore, the ‘Daily Mail urges’ members to respect the outcome of the referendum: “no, the Deal the Prime Minister is perfect. But he gives us back control over our borders, our laws and money. The Brexit’t that the point? After endless months of the dispute, we turn to this momentous day with an emotional appeal to the members of: Forget your prejudices for a Moment and put your country first.”

outside the UK, the opinions differ as to the Brexit Deal. “If Westminster tilts the agreement, will dominate the uncertainty in the European scenario”, writes the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” . There will be “infinitely many doubts and not a single certainty” about what will happen the day after. “The British are not making progress and put the Rest of Europe to a standstill.”

The Vienna daily newspaper “Standard” , commented: “the British don’t count.” And: “Presumably, it was a mistake of the EU-27, that the Brexit could, somehow, through a second Referendum if it shows up last in the open. Now the British mess in the EU elections over zuschwappen, what is the Union in the election of the EU Parliament, as well as in the compilation of the new EU threatens to Commission in the summer threatens to paralyze.”

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British tabloid “The Sun” is interested, however, in the momentous polling day for the Royal offspring, as the fate of the country: Prince Harry, future father, meditates every Morning, to read on the front page of Tuesday. The line: “Harry Krishna”. May be because only a minor role – it appears in the left column of the title.


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