“Theresa may’s only task now is to draw the Brexit in good cars. But this remains a nearly impossible Mission. Although you may now breathe, because an internal party vote of confidence is only once in a year and the followers of a hard Brexits Silence has been imposed. However, she is not strengthened from the vote of no-confidence. In addition, there is still no solution for Brexit Deal. The Parliament must still vote on it, and it is not so, that the conservative MEPs will support your agreement automatically. (…)

About dominates in Brussels, in spite of the lenient output in the British Parliament, a feeling of oppression. When it comes to a vote, is still unclear. But the danger is that Mays Deal is ultimately rejected, and it comes to a Brexit without a contract, remains large.”
“De Standaard”, Brussels

“shows the Timing of such a vote of no-confidence from arrogance, and hypocrisy. The arrogance is in the assumption that the UK’s fate in the case of an internal debate of the Conservative party should be decided, and that in such a critical Situation, the Prime Minister of around 100,000 members of the party from a candidate pair is selected, which is determined by the Tory-members – without regard to the Rest of the country.

The hypocrisy is to try with a party-political Agenda of such a thing in the name of democracy and to rely on “the will of the people”. Theresa May has many weaknesses, and your misperceptions are a major reason for the current crisis, but not the only one. She has at least admitted that the Brexit is associated with difficult compromises between open trade and closed borders, between autonomy and access to the market.”
“the Guardian”, London

“The Kingdom is out of control. In ever-Wilder gyrations of the Brexit-the gyro controls on the abyss. And sleep the Europeans to look like one of the biggest countries reeling in the disaster. Now would be the time to make the British an irresistible offer for a second Brexit vote, in the issue of Migration and to keep Europe together.

pride can’t afford the EU, finally, Italy and France falter now. The Chancellor has been celebrated long enough as Miss Europe. You must now give up their passivity and to our British friends are fighting. You could be remembered as the woman in the story, has accepted the disintegration of Europe, with a shrug.”
“Münchner Merkur”

“in view of the Chaos in Westminster has to be the EU no other choice, than to be intransigent and to make the exit contract is legally watertight, in order to be prepared for all eventualities. (…)

The way of thinking (in the UK) goes like this: legislation, of which I have professional animals, is reasonable and must be strictly maintained. Regulations, which to me, obligations that are unreasonable, and should be rapidly abolished.

In their childlike naivete, this attitude is downright touching. At the same time, it is highly dangerous: You can’t call today the overhaul of annoying, but in the EU treaties the free movement of persons in order to facilitate the British and the farewell to the EU and to keep the trade routes open, and the next day the Italians rügen that break EU budget rules. That is the crux of the rule-abiding: Either it is an either – or not at all.”
“die Presse”, Vienna

“All those who rely on a rapid disintegration of the European Union, are premature. To be more precise: you confuse desire and reality. Because of all the problems and hardships, the EU remains a successful Institution, she puts on a good economic growth and continues to expand its role in world politics. (…) One of the most important evidence for the stability of the “common European home” is the situation in the UK. The unsolvable Problem with the Irish border shows that London does not come loose from the EU, without having to commit self-murder.”
to “Kommersant”, Moscow

“In the now prevailing Chaos, and in view of the absolute, perfect and complete distrust in the ability of the political class to offer a credible solution, anything can happen – including the spin-off of territories, whose representatives were reminded in the British Parliament that no one should forget that the United Kingdom is a Union of Parts. Parts that can be separated in an extreme case, by the Start of independence referendums. What can you do? Also this time there is only one valid answer: It is done, what the British voters, the discover now that your vote only to the Brexit, but to the Survival of great Britain.”
“Adevarul”, Bucharest

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.